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Sugar Dates – Tips for Sugar Dating

Sugar Dates – 101 Guides

When it comes to going on that sugar date that you have anticipated there are so many things to think about. What to say, what to wear and how to act. Here is a short guide on all you need to know about going on your sugar date.

Sugar Dates

Sugar Dates

Sugar Dates Locations

The location of your sugar date will either make or break it. You need to be careful when choosing the location for your first date. A lot of people make the mistake and do something to surprise the date but most of the time this doesn’t work. Make sure you know what your date likes to eat and what type of person he or she is. If they like adventure and the outdoors then the cinema probably isn’t the answer. If you aren’t sure then choose the safest option, seafood dinner by candlelight at a luxurious restaurant.

Sugar Dates – What To Wear

What you wear on your sugar date is also important. You don’t want to show up to a cocktail bar in town in a pair of jeans and a sweater. The same goes if you are going skydiving. You don’t want to show up in an evening dress. Make it clear on the type of outfit your partner needs to wear before you go on the date otherwise this could mess things up a little.

Always try to be smart, classy and sexy at the same time. Women shouldn’t wear clothes which show off too much. There should still be something left for the imaginations. Men shouldn’t dress as if they are going for a business meeting, this could come across as too formal.

Sugar Dates – What To Say

How to act and what to say while on your sugar dates is also important. You don’t want to walk into a restaurant, place your order, eat and not say anything. Never order drinks or food for the other person without asking first. Always pay each other compliments and ask questions. Don’t converse about one subject for too long as this could get boring for the both of you.

Be honest with one another but don’t go complaining about day to day life, work or finances. This is the time where you get to know one another. Ask if he or she would like to for coffee after dinner, maybe something sweet somewhere and don’t be too pushy. Never make comments on what he or she is drinking or how he or she eats. This is really off putting. Just go with the flow and be yourself but keep something back for the next date night!