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Sugar Daddy – What it is exactly?

Sugar daddy Definition

A sugar daddy is a wealthy and successful man usually aged over 40 years who lavishes attention and gifts on a younger woman in a mutually beneficial arrangement, usually in exchange for companionship and / or sexual favours.

Sugar daddy in sugar dating lifestyle

Apparently, the term ‘sugar daddys‘ originated between 1915-1920 when a male heir to a sugar-based fortune married a woman 24 years his junior. The phrase sugar daddy gained momentum in the 1920’s as a slang term for men who financially supported younger girls in exchange for company or intimacy.

Sugar daddy definition

Sugar daddys are wealthy enough to pamper

A sugar babe appreciates the finer things in life and wants a luxurious lifestyle funded by a powerful and attractive older sugar daddy who is often a millionaire.

Arrangements can range from simply having a young and beautiful girl on a sugar daddy’s arm to attend evening functions to sugar daddies covering university tuition fees or providing a monthly allowance. Some sugar daddies want their sugar babe to be highly intelligent and capable of holding a stimulating conversation as well as being stunningly beautiful to look at.

A sugar daddy may be married and treat his sugarbabe as a mistress / exciting hobby. As long as both parties are upfront about their situation and expectations this can be a very successful arrangement.

The great thing about a sugar daddys / sugarbabe arrangement is that relationship terms are agreed up front in a form of contract. This type of arrangement is beneficial to successful men and ambitious young women who both know what they want and what they are prepared to do to get it. Everyone knows money makes the world go round. This way, everyone is happy and everyone knows where they stand. There have been numerous accounts of successful sugar daddy sugarbabe arrangements that have lasted several years with no regrets on either side.

There are many sites offering men services such as MySugardaddy where both parties can ensure that arrangements are made safely and with mutual agreement upfront.