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Sugar daddy criteria – Meet the right sugar daddy

The most important Sugar daddy criteria

Wealth and style are vital Sugar daddy criteria

One of the most important criteria is an astronomically large number in credit.

Sugar Daddy criteria

A Sugar daddy should own at least eight credit cards, a luxury sedan, a cruiser and a face expression like George Clooney and to move like Gene Kelly. This kind of millionaire will be in jeopardy of sleep disturbances, especially by sleeping in that bedroom located in the first floor of his penthouse. Sugarbabes who are seeking for a big spender could knock against their victim’s window repeatedly. This might increase a rich man’s blood pressure, which will make the consumption of energy drinks superfluous. A wealthy man, who is not a millionaire though, may love his Sugerbabe since she had promised to make him a millionaire. Any billionaire, who wants to be a millionaire, will satisfy the Sugar daddy criteria in any case! Sugarbabes will judge their future spouse by their skills of satisfying the Super Daddy criteria What about sleeping one night together in her office? Why not composing a song in dedication for her? Wy not making a Christmas calendar of your house by hiding a jewel behind each door for inviting her every day before Christmas? And anyway, why not celebrate Christmas with her and her family on your cruiser!
Advices how to fulfill the Sugar Daddy criteria

Sugar Daddy criteria


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