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Sugar Daddy Legal

Sugar Daddy Legal advice

I’m not a lawyer but I’m rich enough to own a team of them so I feel I can give some sugar daddy legal advice. My first three marriages did not end well. The last divorce nearly took me out of the sugar daddy bracket. After recovering my finances I was glad to find out about a sugar dating site as it had all the young ladies I could wish for.

Sugar dating is amazing and the hotties I meet really change my life. I’m not one to go off and buy an escort so sugar dating is a fantastic alternative.

Sugar daddy legal – what you need to be careful about

sugar daddy legal

sugar daddy legal

I wanted to enter into any new relationship with my eyes open. The last thing I needed was a sugar date thinking that I was a Scrooge McDuck but at the same time I did not wish to be taken to the cleaners. I went to see Brian for some sugar daddy legal advice.

“My sugar daddy legal advice for you is to simply have fun.” Said Brian, my divorce lawyer. “Make sure the young ladies are all over 18 and come and see me for more sugar daddy legal advice should you wish to get married.”

I had not plans to marry but at the back of my head I had to consider how hard I had fallen for my previous wives.

What sugar daddy legal advice do you give if I wish to marry?

“What sugar daddy legal advice do you give if I fall in love and wish to marry, Brian?”

“That is simple. My sugar daddy legal advice would be for me to make large sums of money off you drafting a prenuptial agreement.”

“A little cynical isn’t that, Brian?” I replied over brandy at our club.

“I prefer the term ‘realistic’. You don’t have the best track record with women. I know sugar dates tend to be more long-lasting marriages. Many guys your age have found true love, but a good agreement in advance can set out exactly what you both get in the event of a breakup. I’d suggest you set up a generous offer as part of it rather than the usual ‘you get nothing’ crap some guys try to pull.”

I nodded in agreement but had to give this some more thought.

“Are there any other legal requirements at all?”

“Be damned sure on their age. A good sugar dating site will verify their age for you and you will be safe but if you try sugar dating elsewhere you could find yourself busted with a 15 year old who looks 22.”

Sound advice.