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Rich Dad Quit Your Job

Rich Dad Quit Your Job – why not make your life easy?

So…You’ve decided to take the big leap into sugar dating to find yourself a rich dad quit your job. You’ve taken an honest assessment of your qualities, both the good and the not so great. Nice glowing skin without blemishes – check. Long hair that’s shiny and straight, thanks to your patient ministrations with a hot iron and the liberal use of some expensive hair products – double check. Perky boobs that could be a bit bigger but definitely a nice butt? Even without a Brazilian butt lift that’s all the rage nowadays – triple check! As for your not so great qualities, you could be a little taller. Maybe a little more patient and a little less cheeky. By all accounts, you’re perfect sugar baby material. So what’s the next step? Find yourself a rich dad quit your job, right? Not exactly…

Rich Dad Quit Your Job? Is that really a good idea?

rich dad quit your job

rich dad quit your job

If only it were that simple! The reality is that becoming a sugar baby and plunging into sugar dating is very much like regular online dating. You’re going have to cull through a lot of candidates in order to find the right rich dad – or rich dads, as the case may be. Find a rich dad quit your job may very well be the mantra for some sugar babies. However, you have to be honest and ask yourself why you want to go the sugar dating route in the first place. Are you one of those sugar babies looking to feather her nest with some hefty lifestyle perks or do you just get your rocks off being seen as eye candy on the arm of a rich daddy? Or honestly put, do you just want a rich dad quit your job?

Rich dad quit your job – monthly allowance fo shopping included

Let’s face it – there are as many reasons for becoming a sugar baby as there are stars in the night sky. Choking under the weight of university tuition is certainly one good reason and not knowing how you’re going to pay next month’s rent is most definitely another. How about your day job offering little in the way of professional growth or needing the cash for a down payment on a set of wheels to get to that day job? All of these sound like solid reasons for becoming sugar dating’s next sugar baby. Now, how about some less altruistic reasons we like to call “lifestyle perks”? These would be loving to travel but not having the means to do it – let alone do it in style.
Then there’s dining out at fabulously exclusive restaurants where most mere mortals need a pedigree just to get in the front door. If travel and eating out aren’t exactly your thing, then how about some bling, or a black AMEX card or designer clothing or being pampered at expensive spas or just a desire for some disposable income? All legitimate reasons for anointing yourself a sugar baby and jumping headfirst into the sugar dating pool. Then there’s simply finding a rich dad quit your job. After all, wouldn’t life be grand without that daily nine-to-five grind?

Rich Dad Quit Your Job – becoming a sugar baby

Okay, so now you’re convinced that you’ve got the goods to become the newest sugar baby in the sugar dating pool. You also know what you want out of your future sugar dating relationship. Now all you have to do is find a rich dad quit your job, right? Wrong. There’s still far more to it than that, if we’re going to keep things real.
One huge part of the rich dad sugar dating equation is your rich daddy’s looks and his attention to personal hygiene. If the rich dad is suspiciously close to being an octogenarian who believes his fat billfold will detract from his walker hidden behind the potted plant in the corner, you’re going to have to decide if you have the mental fortitude of the late Anna Nicole Smith. Suddenly, finding a rich dad quit your job just became harder. For many a sugar baby, lack of personal hygiene or the necessary manscaping are also deal breakers. Of course, not every rich daddy is going to look like the delectable Pierce Brosnan, but an attractive appearance certainly makes negotiating a consensual arrangement all the more easy!

A sugar baby talks about the tradeoffs of dating a rich sponsor

Many a sugar baby who’s been sugar dating for some time will tell you that a rich dad’s personality plays a huge role in sugar dating. If your potential rich dad boasts that he’s a “citizen or traveler of the world” or that you’ve hit the proverbial jackpot when you agreed to get together with him, these are all signs that he’s probably more into himself than you ever will be. Finding a rich dad quit your job just took two steps back! Fibbing on his profile about his physical appearance may also be a potential deal breaker for a sugar baby. And although sugar dating is about a financially-negotiated relationship which more often than not involves “sexual favours”, a potential rich daddy that only has sex on the brain and makes no effort to muzzle it is hardly the ideal candidate.

A potential rich daddy, who’s too distracted texting and talking on his phone, will invariably be too busy or too preoccupied to give your relationship the attentiveness it deserves. Find a rich dad quit your job just to service his sexual appetite all day long. That hardly sounds like a long-term game plan or one that affords a whole lotta satisfaction for the sugar baby. And that’s regardless of the number of bills that discreetly end up in your designer handbag, wouldn’t you agree?

Rich Dad Quit Your Job – is that a sustainble lifestyle?

And let’s not forget two huge considerations that apply to the sugar dating equation. Just how far are you willing to trust him in order to maintain your safety? Better yet, how far are you willing to put yourself out there to snag – and then keep – your rich daddy? Find a rich dad quit your job. The end game is in sight. You tell yourself other sugar babies do all kinds of stuff without any hang-ups. Why can’t you just lighten up like them? Unfortunately, it isn’t about what another sugar baby will do when sugar dating. It’s all about you, the novice sugar baby.

Back to the first question, which is more of a practical consideration: Just how far are you willing to trust your rich daddy in order to maintain your safety? Many a sugar baby will tell you that trust is a two-way street. That may very well be but from the perspective of a sugar baby that’s sugar dating, that trust has to be earned – rich dad quit your job be damned. Some things need to remain sacred and secure, never to be revealed to a rich daddy. What things, you ask? How about the sharing of your social security/social insurance number or your bank account number. Ditto for your driver’s licence information. You may even want to forego sharing your real name initially.

The downside of sugar dating

Is the coveted concept of rich dad quit your job slipping away? Too bad. And let’s not forget practicing safe sugar dating – a no brainer, really. You initially meet in a public place and always tell someone where you’re going. It’s a good idea to also have your own ride in case the first meeting goes up in flames and you need a way to get back home. While many a newbie sugar baby may be tempted to go back to the potential rich daddy’s place in order to fact check rich daddy’s supposedly palatial digs, you’re better off going to a hotel – five star, of course. They have great security. Clearly, your rich dad quit your job fantasy and practical considerations don’t always go hand-in-hand.

What else you should consider about dating a rich daddy

The second question is more of a moral consideration: How far are you willing to put yourself out there to snag – and keep – your rich dad? How about to keep your rich dad quit your job? That’s a tough one to answer, as any sugar baby will tell you. If daddy dearest is a control freak with a skewed relationship philosophy that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, you have to listen to your gut and take the high road out of there. Sometimes, there’s no financial reward big enough to compensate for having to deal with a control freak. Rich dad quit your job, bye-bye!

sugar baby earningsThen, of course, there are the rich daddies with scads of disposable cash but who have kinky fetishes like wanting to lick your feet and suck your toes, or they have BDSM fantasies. Would that be a deal breaker in your rich dad quit your job ultimate goal? What about them wanting you to urinate on them or they urinate on you? If kink is your scene, and for many a sugar baby it is, then you’ll be right in your element. Rich dad quit your job becomes one step closer.

However, for a new sugar baby or one who struggles with losing total sight of her moral compass, the answer may not be a simple one and will require some extensive soul searching. How far are you willing to put yourself out there? How to snag and keep your rich daddy will be entirely up to you. The fantasy to find a rich dad quit your job isn’t as cut and dry and you originally thought, is it?

To date or not to date a super rich and generous sponsor

Finally, you’ve finished your self-assessment and have analysed the qualities you have in mind for a potential rich daddy. Now, you’re more than ready to make your mark in the world of sugar dating. And then what happens? Absolutely nothing…nada…zip. You haven’t met any likely candidates that are younger than Methuselah, or have all their teeth or some of their hair that have managed to spark even the most tepid of responses in you.

You’re convinced that your fantasy of finding a rich dad quit your job is just that – a fantasy. Then you think that maybe it’s you. Maybe you’re trying too hard or expecting too much or maybe sugar dating isn’t meant for someone like you. Or maybe your sugar baby circuits are all messed up and there’s no hope for you. Your fantasy of rich dad quit your job is about to go up in flames…and then the unexpected happens. The stars suddenly align and you meet your first Rich Daddy who actually manages to get a genuine response from you.

He’s tall with thinning gray hair and has a polite, yet friendly demeanor. He matter-of-factly tells you that he has something to offer you if you’re interested – a wealth of knowledge and money. You’re ecstatic because he’s talking your language; the language of money. Your fantasy of rich dad quit your job is beginning to take shape… After a long marriage that ended in divorce, he’s not interested in settling down and would like the attention of a young woman without the usual dating entanglements. During dinner, he’s funny, attentive and clearly intelligent. One date leads to several more, all equally enjoyable. Suddenly, you’ve landed yourself your very first rich dad! Rich dad quit your job is no longer an unattainable fantasy!

Finding a rich dad – are you sorted?

So…Found a rich dad quit your job? That depends entirely on your ultimate goal. Rich dads will usually come and go. Unless you’re planning on juggling several relationships at the same time on a continual basis, you may want to think twice about quitting your job. However, if your rich daddy bestows a six-figure cheque on you that’ll keep you in yummy caviar and silk knickers for the next decade – or unless you’ve embraced being a sugar baby and sugar dating as your upwardly mobile career move – then by all means, take the plunge. You’ve found your rich dad quit your job! You’ve earned it! Rich dad quit your job and you’re sorted!