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Sugar Daddy in Nigeria

What you should know about a sugar daddy in Nigeria

A sugar daddy is a mature, well- established man who seeks companionship and intimacy from younger women (sugar babies) in return he showers the woman with gifts, expensive trips, and money. A sugar daddy in Nigeria is no different from those in other parts of the world. Most of them are respective, mentors and sponsors to their comparatively younger sugar babies. So what exactly should you know about him? Well the following are essential tips you should be aware of a sugar daddy in Nigeria.

Sugar Daddy in Nigeria

3 important facts about a sugar daddy in Nigeria

1. A sugar daddy in Nigeria states boundaries from the onset of the relationship
There are no written rules on sugar dating; in fact, the subject of these relations is considered as a taboo in the society because they are a social norm. For that reason, it is safe for both parties to set boundaries right from the beginning. After the first meeting, a sugar daddy in Nigeria will discuss with her sugar baby on the specifics of the relationship going forward. Here both the sugar daddy and the sugar baby states their expectations as well as what may not make them comfortable. For example, a sugar daddy in Nigeria will tell his sugar baby if he will not be comfortable to have her in his home, workplace, etc. The sugar baby, on the other hand, will also state her expectations which will in most cases spell out on the pay and gifts she would love to receive. That will make it easier for each party to keep his/her boundaries and concentrate on the primary mutual benefits that brought them together in the first place.

2. A sugar daddy in Nigeria is realistic and clear on what he offers his sugar baby
Right from the beginning a sugar daddy in Nigeria is open to his sugar baby on what he will be able to provide, and he is quite realistic on this. If their relationship will include expensive trips, expensive gifts or renting an apartment for her in the high-end part of the town or whether the relationship will just include only lunches dates, long walks outside the city and a few presents. That makes it easier for the sugar baby to decide on which sugar daddy to look out for depending on her needs.

3. A sugar daddy in Nigeria is open minded
Being open minded here means you are open to trying new ways, meet new people and relate with them in a level minded way. A sugar daddy is typically set to meet a younger woman who can sometimes show signs of immaturity because of her age. An open minded sugar daddy in Nigeria knows better than ridiculing and getting angry at her. Instead, this man forgives and brings out his maturity and mentor ship nature. That doesn’t mean of course that these people do not show their disapproval of what they don’t agree with, rather they just do so in a better way.