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Sugar Daddy Boar or Snore?

Sugar Daddy Boar

There’s no way round it I’m afraid, some men are pigs. The way they trough at their food, the way they snore and the way they squeal in certain situations. Total pigs. And it’s not only limited to those lower down the pay scales. Oh no, even those high up the social strata, the ones who can reach for the stars, or at least afford better than cubic zirconia, can be pigs.

My Sugar Daddy Boar

The Sugar Daddy Boar- Confusion Around

In that respect I’m lucky. My ticket to the high life isn’t a pig. I managed to narrowly avoid making that mistake, but he is a bore. Not a boar, I do mean a bore, a total yawning, 100% boring bore. He is as boring as hell, but less fiery. I even call him my Little Wittle Sugar Daddy Bore (and yes, I do use that lispy squeaky voice – he likes it). Morris, however, thinks I mean my little wittle sugar daddy boar and is quite chuffed. I think he thinks I mean that he is all manly and strong, rather than meaning he is blooming tedious but that my continual access to beautiful clothes means I can put up with it. My sugar daddy boar is actually a sugar daddy snore but the perks mean that I can cope. And if he chooses to believe he’s a wild sugar daddy boar then that’s fine with me and I’ll happily play along. I can even see him bristling with pride whenever I use the “endearment”, squirming happily like the proverbial pig in clover.

Truffle Hunting With My Sugar Daddy Boar.

My sugar daddy boar is, however, a very good truffle hunter. He can actually snuffle them out with his snout. I’m not kidding. It is the one skill that makes him more sugar daddy boar than the usual bore, that and his liking for mud baths. He always knows which restaurants have the finest truffles on the menu, and which delicatessen has just had a delivery. Truffles drive my sugar daddy wild. We even have some special truffle massage oil. And, no, once again, I’m not kidding. It goes a long way to take the snore out of the bore!

My Sugar Daddy Boar

Sugar Daddy Boar or Bore.

Being with a bore rather than a boar isn’t actually bad news. Sugar daddy boars can be a lot of hard work, all ego and snorting, their little tusks quivering with outrage every time they think their machismo has been challenged. A bore, on the other hand, is quite happy curling up in front of a fire after a truffle oil belly rub. Not an arduous price to pay for a new pair of Manolos!