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Sugar Daddy Girl Name – Date a Sugar Daddy

Sugar Daddy Girl Name – Prologue

I guess it all started with a desire for a different kind of life. My friend Janelle and I work together and are both Virgos. I don’t know if you know much about the astrological sign of Virgo, especially women, but they’re famous for being supposedly shy little wallflowers. Not Janelle and me, nuh-uh. My girl Janelle is man-crazy, and in no way shy about letting every man she likes know it.

Sugar Daddy Girl Name

I love people in general, I suppose, and men are definitely no exception; the way they look, the sound of their voices, and everything that makes them different from women is what makes them so incredibly attractive.

You may be thinking that these traits are not specifically inherent to Virgos (as well as, what does that have to do with a sugar daddy girl name), but I will explain. It’s the way that Janelle and I have come to approach the whole, man-craziness issue that makes us unique.

Sugar Daddy Girl Name – Virgo Women Explained

I guess what makes Janelle and me a little unique in how we handle the subject of men is in how we’ve come to compartmentalize the issue of men and dating in general. We take all that crazy, man-loving energy and channel it by devoting X amount of time to cultivating optimal Man Experiences, as we do each aspect of life. We plan and we execute, simply put; that is the Virgo Way. In fact, I had assigned Janelle a sugar daddy girl name and she had assigned her favorite sugar daddy girl name to me long before we actually joined a sugar daddy website.

As it happens, Janelle told me of a fabulous website she had found, called Neither of us dear hearts were new to the online dating experience using the more mainstream websites. They were free to join, but also a massive let-down as far as the type of men who were available to date. It seemed that all these gentlemen, and I use that term very loosely, either wanted something vulgar, that they had no business wanting, or they were unappealing. The men on these sites were takers and runners. Janelle and I were both familiar with the type, having known more than our fair share, and we had both had enough. A Virgo relationship is generally based on fairness for all; maybe a little bit businesslike in its approach, but is usually about creating win-wins for everyone. Joining the sugar daddy dating site sends a clear message to the universe that you are not interested in takers. In a sugar daddy relationship, be prepared, you are expected to take and you can choose what you give back in return.

Sugar Daddy Girl Name – Conclusion

For my sugar daddy girl name I decided on Lady Liberty, because freedom of choice means everything to me and Janelle chose, for her sugar daddy girl name, ursexykitty, just because she’s Janelle!