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rich dad knowledge

Rich dad knowledge from a sugar daddy

I suppose it is time that I shared my rich dad knowledge with all of you who aspire to be a sugar daddy. You all know what the situation is like out there. The dating market is tough, really tough. What is the point of spending most of your life battling to become rich and powerful if you end up at the same point as everyone else? I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way. When we go to a restaurant we do not have to wait for tables like ordinary people do. When we go on holiday we breeze in from the First Class lounge when we feel like it and take up our sumptuous seats (or just use our own planes). Why then should we have to battle the same dating market as every other Tom, Dick and Harry? My rich dad knowledge will save you from this.

Rich dad knowledge from a sugar daddy: Who am I?
I am a sugar daddy who is ready to share his rich dad knowledge. I am a millionaire who got his wealth the old fashioned way (inherited from my parents and then invested wisely). I have homes in Miami, Bath, Colombo, Paris and London with business interests near all of them. I summer in Monaco and winter in Saint Moritz. I am 63 years old worth over five billion pounds and my wife is 19 and known to make men walk into lamp posts because they can’t take their eyes off her.

rich dad knowledge

rich dad knowledge

Rich dad knowledge from a sugar daddy: Why listen to me?

Listen very carefully to my rich dad knowledge. I mean really, really listen to my rich dad knowledge and learn from me. Do you feel your age? Do you have aches and pains? Worse than that do you find yourself having to reach for the little blue pills from time to time?

Krystal is a 19 year old university student. She spends part of her day studying, part of her day training her body, part of the day spending my money and all of her day loving me. Krystal is flawless and the love of my life. Why listen to me? Why take on my rich dad knowledge? Let me describe Krystal for you:

Listening yet?

Rich dad knowledge from a sugar daddy: What does Krystal get from it?

I’m sharing my rich dad knowledge with you guys not with the sugar babes but I know that you are not all completely selfish. Krystal has an incredible life and it is one that she would never have had without me. Her whole wardrobe is made up of unique pieces made just for her, her degree is paid for, she wants for nothing and we regularly travel the globe together. We have a girl here who could qualify for Mensa and who works better than Viagra for me; Krystal gets what she wants from our relationship and I do not mind giving her everything.

Rich dad knowledge from a sugar daddy: What does my family think?

I frankly do not care one jot what my ex-wife thinks of Krystal. She has gone out of her way to take a whole raft of my friends from me using Krystal as the lever to pry them from me. If folk are that shallow I am happy to wave them goodbye. My children have mixed feelings towards Krystal. Robert fancies the pants off her and struggles to hide it. Malcolm hates her but he is at an age where he hates everyone; I remember my 40s well and I was the same. Shannon absolutely adores Krystal but it is an odd relationship as despite being Krystal’s step-daughter Shannon mothers her. I suspect that Shannon acts this way in part as Krystal is actually a little bit younger than my grandson, her son.

Rich dad knowledge from a sugar daddy: What is the sex like?

I know that there will be a certain proportion of you out there who are reading my rich dad knowledge just to find out about this subject. I don’t want to write pornography for you as that is not what I set out to do with this blog. I am a 63 year old man with erectile dysfunction, early stage arthritis and who gets tired walking up the stairs. Before I started dating Krystal my sex life had been a horror story. It all started well with my ex-wife but as the years went by I found her less and less attractive, she outright hated me and my little sugar daddy increasingly refused to play ball. Krystal changed all of that in ways I didn’t think were possible. Not only is her body so toned and shapely that I could explore it forever but she knows just how to use it. My ex-wife and I did explore each other and I learned my way around lady-parts but it was always unrewarding. With Krystal she is not afraid to communicate during sexual intercourse and as such I’ve gone from proficient to amazing. I’ve never felt as alive as when we are in bed together.

Rich dad knowledge from a sugar daddy: What do you talk about?
When people ask for my rich dad knowledge this is one of the things that they always seem to come back to. There seems to be an assumption that because I am approaching retirement age and Krystal is still at university that we have nothing in common. It is true that our pop cultural knowledge doesn’t really overlap. I have lived a full life and succeeded in business whereas Krystal grew up in Essex and is still reading Economics at the LSE. It would appear that on paper we are going to have a lot of trouble but in truth we get on like a house on fire.

When we fly around the world we visit places I have been to a hundred times but I see them for the first time through Krystal’s eyes. When Krystal discusses what she is learning in her degree I can take her to the City to see the principles in action.

Rich dad knowledge from a sugar daddy: Is it expensive?
There is a reason I call this rich dad knowledge and that is because being a sugar daddy is far from cheap. I cannot say no to Krystal she is everything to me. I know some rich dads who pay for plastic surgery and sculpt their sugar babes how they want them to be. I am lucky that Krystal is so perfect that I do not need to do that. I have, however, bought her cars, clothing, horses, jewellery, shoes and so much more. You get out of a relationship what you put into it. I am prepared to put everything into this. So should you.

Rich dad knowledge from a sugar daddy: Where can I find a sugar babe?
This is the easiest part of the rich dad knowledge I’ve got to pass onto you; an amazing site. This site is exclusive and tailored for people like us. This is an accessible site that allows you to search through a phenomenal number of girls before communicating with them. This is everything that you are looking for.

Visiting this website doesn’t level the playing field against young bucks it utterly smashes them out the way and puts our interests front and centre. All of the girls on the site are there for one reason only and it is to find guys like us. This is the most important piece of rich dad knowledge I can give you; visit this site and meet girls who want to be treated like royalty. Visit this site and be blown away!

Rich dad knowledge from a sugar daddy: Am I happy?
I’ve tried to give you my rich dad knowledge because I want others to share in my happiness. I wish someone had shared rich dad knowledge like this with me years ago as I really feel like I have been missing out for so long. I feel younger than I have in decades. The whole world looks brighter, it smells better and food just tastes amazing. Krystal has saved my life and made me realise that it is not enough just to exist but that you need to truly live. My most important piece of rich dad knowledge simply is that you are worth it. You deserve better than you have got and you need to go out there and grab it by the throat. Please, please use this site and find yourself a sugar babe. Please listen to my rich dad knowledge and use it to be truly happy.

You could just take from my experience that the sex will be great but please don’t do that. My real rich dad knowledge is so much more than that; I am alive, truly alive.