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Sugar Daddy gifts

What Kind of Sugar Daddy Gifts Should I Expect?

As a sugar baby you can expect all kinds of sugar daddy gifts from perfume, clothes, spa treatments right upto luxury holidays around the world. Though as a respectable sugar baby it is a good idea not to expect anything, because you know surprises will be the norm anyway. Be gracious and you will always be pampered. Act desperate and it will show. A sugar baby has to learn how to get their sugar daddy to buy things for them and it isn’t always by asking outright. Hints are often a subtle way of asking without imposing on them. They’ll feel really smart if they think they were able to pick up on a difficult hint even though you planned it that way. Either way your sugar daddy gifts will keep flooding in.

Great Ideas for Sugar Daddy Gifts

To all those sugar daddies wanting to impress their sugar baby think of out-of-this-world experiences that will blow her away. Take her to a peaceful and romantic setting and then lead her around a group of trees where there is a helicopter waiting to whisk you both away to a romantic champagne dinner for two at an exclusive destination. You don’t always need to think big but think unique when you can and let the uniqueness be guided by what you already know about her. A birthday cake concealing a lovely Cartier watch would go down nicely for a fashion conscious sugar baby. Sugar daddy gifts don’t have to make sense or be practical so have fun with your creativity and ‘push the boat out’ whenever you can.

Sugar Daddy Gifts for Him

Just because he is the sugar daddy it doesn’t mean you cannot buy sugar daddy gifts for him especially since he is ultimately the one paying for them anyway. Try to treat him sometimes. You know you can afford it and he will cherish you even more if he feels you are not just a taker. Buy him nice cologne or cuff links. If you already know his style buy him a nice pair of shoes or a nice jacket. Women are usually really good at picking shoes for their sugar daddy. A sugar babe who knows how to spoil him with sugar daddy gifts will go a long way. If you never show him your appreciation by giving him the odd gift, you could risk losing him.