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Sugar Daddy Dating

Sugar Daddy Dating Tips

Sugar Daddy Dating for Dummies

Sugar daddy dating involves a young attractive lady (sugar babe) and an older man who is a millionaire or very wealthy, with the ability to spoil his sugar baby and take care of her. Within sugar daddy dating there is an unwritten, but still important rule, that stipulates there must be financial rewards or no fun. No romance if no finance, a famous singer once sung. A sugar babe should be glamorous and sexy as required to keep her sugar daddy excited enough to keep wanting to see her and spoil her with lavish gifts and holidays. Let your standards slip and you could loose your sugar daddy to a another willing and able replacement. Don’t worry though. Take each day as it comes and try to learn what makes your sugar daddy happy so that you can keep him focussed on you.

Will Sugar Daddy Dating Involve Sex?

Sugar Daddy Dating

Sugar Daddy Dating

In so far as he is heterosexual and still breathing then most probably yes! To expect a relationship with an experienced man who has bags of money and probably could get most of your friends, to remain in the friend zone, is like expecting a bee not to make honey. However, there are some guys who are just looking for companionship and those in that category will make that clear to you from the beginning. There may be other sugar daddies who cannot actually ‘get it up’ and may be happy with lots of hugs and kisses. But don’t be surprised if you end up being their cure and, consequently, have to keep providing their remedy day and night. “My night nurse”, sung a famous reggae artist called Gregory Isaac. “Only she alone can quench dis here thirst”.

How to Find The Best Sugar Daddy Dating Sites

Sugar daddy dating site comparison should be done carefully. Do your research to find out whether they are reputable websites by seeking other users’ comments on social media. Don’t trust everything you read because some comments are generated by the competition so look for fake comments and use your head. Sugar daddy dating done safely can be extremely rewarding when two compatible people are connected, so remain hopeful but realistic.

Keeping Sugar Daddy Dating Safe

Make sure you meet your potential sugar daddy somewhere public on the first few dates as sugar daddy dating will mostly likely culminate into intimacy. Don’t rush to give all of yourself too quickly to make sure they are not one-hit-wonders looking to score as many times as possible. Be fun and lively and see where it takes you both.