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my sugar daddy experience

my sugar daddy experience is one of pure enjoyment

When people ask me about my sugar daddy experience, I always tell them that my sugar daddy experience was an exceptionally good one, and still is a good one! I heartily recommend a sugar baby lifestyle. Mine is filled with presents, high end luxury and the absolute best that life can offer. My sugar daddy experience is one filled with love, joy and lots of money! I can’t recommend the sugar babe luxury lifestyle highly enough. Here’s what I love about my sugar daddy experience, every single moment of it!

How others perceive my sugar daddy experience

I am always intrigued as to how other women perceive my sugar daddy experience to be. Many women think that I am somewhat ‘under the thumb’ and have to do exactly what my sugar daddy tells me to do, but this is actually a huge myth as my sugar daddy experience has been one of mutual respect, and of a partnership. My current sugar daddy, and past sugar daddies, have all showered me with presents and have allowed me to live the life of luxury, doing exactly what I want to do. Dating sugar daddies has always been an enjoyably mutual experience, and I wouldn’t change my life for anything else!

What I tell wannabe sugar babes about my sugar daddy experience

Many new sugar babes are unsure, and indeed a little anxious, about what life with a sugar daddy is really like. So, what I tell them is the truth, that my sugar daddy experience is a hugely positive one, but that it does take a lot of hard work on my part to reap those rewards of luxury presents, and a lot of dating! If you are prepared to put in the work and the hours, to embark positively on the sugar daddy dating market, and to believe that you can be a successful sugar baby, then go for it, as you will succeed.

The daring experience with my current sugar daddy

The daring experience will obviously be different for every sugar baby, but my sugar daddy experience within the dating world was a hugely enjoyable one. I did date a lot of sugar daddies, all lovely men, but it took time to find the right one for me. My sugar daddy experience when dating my present sugar daddy was hugely enjoyable. He gave me presents on our very first date and very quickly introduced me to his world of luxury. I was incredibly fortunate to find him. But, as I have said, I did have to date a lot of other men in order to find him. All of these experiences helped me when it came to dating him. I felt more prepared, more confident and ultimately, I knew who I was.

Dating in the past

My sugar daddy experience with previous sugar daddy dates was a happy one. As I was completely new to the sugar daddy dating world, I really didn’t know what to expect. I had no idea that my sugar daddy dates would buy me lavish, luxury presents and take me to the finest restaurants where the world’s most gorgeous food was served. This was a completely different lifestyle to me and I had to quickly learn the new ways of this life. Thankfully, my sugar daddy dates knew I was an inexperienced sugar baby and were kind and thoughtful to me. I thank my lucky starts that I met such wonderful men.

my sugar daddy experience

my sugar daddy experience

Tips for dating

So, when considering my sugar daddy experience of the past, I thought I’d share some sugar daddy dating tips that I learned along the way. What is most important is that you stay true to yourself. If you try to pretend to be someone else, then you will be quickly caught out, plus pretending uses a lot of energy and you get caught up in your lies, so be yourself. You also need to accept gifts graciously. Your sugar daddy date will bestow you with luxury presents, and although at first you may feel uncomfortable, you’ll quickly get used to it. As I have already mentioned, my sugar daddy experience has been a hugely positive one, and still is, and this is largely due to the fact that I had such a fun and positive time when dating sugar daddies.

The sugar daddy world of luxury

When it comes to my sugar daddy experience, then it really has been one of the upmost luxury. I have been given a range of presents, from the usual to the most exquisite personalised gift. I really have had everything. For me though, three gifts really stuck in my mind. One is that of a sports car. This gift really did take my breath away as it was totally unexpected. I remember him covering my eyes and telling me to open them, and I really did think I was seeing things Another gift was that of a single diamond ring. I was completely speechless at such a luxurious and generous gift. I couldn’t stop staring at it, it was so glittery. The final gift was a week away in a luxury spa, and it was like no other spa I had ever been to. All of these presents were given with love and gratitude, and all were gratefully received. If you are embarking upon the world of sugar dating, then you really need to get used to receiving luxury gifts and beautiful presents, as it is all part of the sugar daddy lifestyle. They want to show you how much money they earn, how much they are worth, so always accept a gift. Not to do so is highly disrespectful.

Maintaining the sugar baby look

With regards to my sugar daddy experience, the biggest challenge has been that of constantly maintaining my sugar baby look. What I mean by this is the hair, make up, clothes and general appearance for both daytime and nighttime looks. My sugar daddy experience has taught me that maintaining the sugar baby look does take a lot of work. But, when you look and feel good those all important fabulous presents will follow. Looking your absolute best, at all times, is a huge part of this luxury life, and it is important that you always look great. Have regular waxes, eyebrow treatments, hair appointments and manicures. Visit the best boutiques and buy the latest fashion trends. Use a personal shopper, and only buy the absolute best. At the end of the day, you deserve it, and so does your sugar daddy.

Holidays with the sugar daddy

When I think back to my sugar daddy experience in terms of holidays, then I really have been spoiled. My sugar daddy experience when going on holiday, is that of going to luxury islands, five star hotel resorts, and basically living the life of a super rich ‘it girl’. Holidays were always, and still are, given as presents and loving gifts. As I already mentioned, presents should always be gratefully received. Holidays though were not always spent with my sugar daddy. We did of course go on many romantic holidays together, all across the globe, but a lot of the holidays were booked and paid for so that I could have time away with my fellow sugar babes. These holidays were always such a treat.

Everyday life as a sugar baby

My sugar daddy experience has been a hugely enjoyable one, and I have enjoyed every second of every day. My life really is one huge party. ‘My sugar daddy looks after me, pampers me and always puts my needs first. What more could a girl ask for? The everyday life of a sugar baby really is that of pure luxury and decadence. As well as all of the fabulous presents and trinkets, what is more important is the quality of everyday life. Dating is also fun, but the real joy is in settling down and finding your perfect sugar daddy. Everyday life for me is perfect! I drive the best car, eat in the best restaurants, drink the finest wines and share the absolute best company. I really wouldn’t want any other life.

Life with my fellow sugar babes

When considering my sugar daddy experience, life really wouldn’t be the same without my gorgeous sugar babes. It is so important when living life as a sugar baby that you have the support of other women who completely understand the lifestyle you have chosen. You need to be able to share secrets with these women, gain advice and to generally have a laugh with them. Usually what happens is that the sugar babes all become friends, as their sugar daddies know each other. For me, my sugar daddy experience has been hugely influenced by the bonds I have formed with other strong women. This is especially true when dating for the very first fine and learning all about this new luxury life. It’s also worth mentioning that sugar babes love to receive presents from other sugar babes!

Why you should choose the sugar baby lifestyle

My sugar daddy experience has been lots of fun, and continues to be lots of fun. Dating is always a fun experience, but ultimately, I believe that you should choose the sugar baby lifestyle as you will never, ever regret it. My sugar daddy experience is not unusual, and I feel it is fairly typical, in that sugar babes get treated like the ladies that they are. Just remember that dating should be fun, revel in the luxury and enjoy those lavish presents. If my sugar daddy experience has taught me anything, it is to live in the moment and to truly enjoy life.

There is one point that is also important to mention. A sugar baby girl could do everthing. She is a girl who will spend the money of her sugar daddy. A sugarbaby girl likes men who earn a lot of money.