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Sugar Baby Blog – Sugar Baby Story

Sugar baby blog – sugar baby love

Sugar baby blog: In Germany Dieter Bohlen is a famous singer and composer. His biggest hit is “You’re my heart, you’re my soul” with his former band “Modern Talking”. He is now 63 years old and lives together with Carina, who is 33 years old. She is thirty years younger than him. This is a typical sugar daddy – sugar babe relationship. Dieter Bohlen has got six children.

He was married, got three children with his first wife and now he is divorced. Than he came together with Verona Feldbusch, today known as Verona Pooth, a model, and before, he was together with Nadja ab del Farag, also called Naddel. Verona Pooth is 48 years old and Nadja ab del Farag is 52 years old. She became famous because of him.

Sugar Baby Blog

Sugar baby blog – not the music group “Sugar babes”

Sugar baby blog: In 2005 he started a relationship with Estefania, who is will be 38 years old in summer. From this time he had very, very young girlfriends. He and Estefania have got a son together. From his current girl-friend Carina, hopefully the last on, he has two little children. So he is a classic sugar daddy in some way, so to speak. He is the chief juror in “Germany got talent” and “Germany pop idol”. So he has a lot to do with young people. So no wonder really, that his girl-friend is much more younger. After his divorce he recognized that he has a great faible for black women and adores them. Since then he often surrounded by coloured women.
His sugar babe Carina he got to know on Mallorca. Nevertheless they are together already for quite a long time.

Sugar baby blog – about sugar daddy and sugar babe

Sugar baby blog: In a sugar baby blog you can get to know known couples with great age difference. For this a sugar baby blog is teriffic.
Mostly younger women want to have a luxury lifestyle, expensive clothes and cosmetics and that’s why they are together with a much more older man. Another good example for this, is Mörtel Lugner, an Austrian business man, who always needs a very young woman. He organizes the Wiener Opernball.