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Sugar Daddy Events 2017

The Sugar Daddy Events 2017 Planner – The Job

Don’t ask me how I became a sugar daddy events 2017 planner. Gosh, by the extravagant title you’d think I’d won Miss World, or something. Instead, my boss nominated me, much to my chagrin, to plan all the local meet-and-greet social events for the client we were representing, I had to come up with creative, fun, and detailed venues to ensure that daddies and sugar babies made meaningful connections when meeting face-to-face.

Such is the main job description of the sugar daddy events 2107 planner. I wasn’t happy about the nomination because from what I knew about sugar daddy relationships, they basically entailed desperate men looking to hook up with women who were digging for gold. I was a sugar snob.

Sugar Daddy Events 2017

My boss was paying me big bucks to make it all happen so I decided to think like a cruise director on a ship. Were they even called cruise directors anymore, or were they event coordinators? No matter, I would think like both, although I was pretty sure there were still some major differences between cruise directing and undertaking sugar daddy events 2017 planning. I wish my boss had given me a shorter title.

The Sugar Daddy Events 2017 Planner – The Brainstorm

I went out with a couple of my male co-workers after work, hoping I could bounce some ideas off them since they were good guys, and were both in pretty solid relationships. Also, they were super-relieved they weren’t nominated for my job, even though it paid big bucks. They suggested stuff guys liked as part of the venue, like sports and beer. Oh, and women, too. Let me see, what else? And music too. Guys like music, playing darts and watching sports on TV, also.

Blown away by their keen insight to the subtleties of human relationships, I bought them each a beer, thanked them for their help, and they were on their way. I fought down the sense of panic at coming up with a possible flop. As the sugar daddy events 2017 planner, I was expected to come up with a successful idea, not a nice try, better luck next time idea.

The Sugar Daddy Events 2017 Opening Night – Sugar Snob No More

As my head was on the chopping block, I was expected to be there. Of course my boss hadn’t worded it that way, but I felt pretty sure he wanted me present so I could bear witness to the outcome, especially if it was a disaster. Well one thing was for sure – this sugar daddy events 2017 planner wasn’t going down without a fight. I was going to make sure daddies and babies left the place feeling ecstatic. The nightclub that we booked for the sugar daddy events 2017 premier featured crazy, pulsing nightclub music as well as a quiet lounge where couples could connect. Adjoining rooms featured an area for playing darts, a billiards table and even some musical instruments where daddies and babies could show off how talented they were.

I was crazy as a loon that night, introducing people, initiating fun for all, and basically partying like my life depended on it. Loathe to admit, but I was actually having a great time. That was when I met the gaze of a pair of sweet, beautiful blue eyes set in a handsome face. “You certainly have a lot of energy,” he smiled. “I’ve been trying to meet you all night.”

That’s when I stopped being a sugar snob.