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Rich Dad Pay Yourself First


Rich Dad Pay Yourself First tips


The idea of finding a rich sugar daddy can be somehow disappointing if you are looking for one in the wrong places. Rich sugar daddies are, however, widespread and you might be quite lucky to find one who you are compatible. The aim of finding a sugar daddy should be first determined before you can settle for one. Most of the times, ladies want a sugar daddy who can upgrade them from their current low social class. This is aimed at making them stand out from their peers or achieve something that cannot be got from their parents or boyfriends.

The secret behind getting and maintaining a relationship with rich dad pay yourself first. You ought to ensure that you get the very best from the sugar daddy by ensuring that you adhere to his rules. By paying yourself, it could mean emotionally, financially or just psychologically. It is, however, important to note that the main objective of dating a sugar daddy is for financial gains and the returns should not leave you in a state that you were in before you started dating him.Rich Dad Pay Yourself First

Rich dad pay yourself first by ensuring that even if the relationship was to end unceremoniously, you will have gained what you wanted. For example, you may decide to find a sure daddy who will help you in paying your school fee. Rich dad pay yourself first by ensuring that you are in agreement with the sugar daddy first before entering into the relationship. This would be made possible by the sugar daddy paying the entire fee required for the whole course. This will ensure that you are not manipulated by the sugar daddy to offer more than you can. It also ensures that the sugar daddy stays around long enough to offer more financial support.

In other instances, you may find a sugar daddy with the intention of paying your house rent. After getting into the relationship, the sugar daddy may become unpredictable and unreliable by delaying paying your rent or giving you little cash that cannot cater for the entire house rent. You ought to find a rich dad pay yourself first by ensuring that you think outside the box. Owing to the fact that there is no formal written agreement between you and a sugar daddy, you may opt to find a man who is in a position to rent you an apartment on a yearly basis. More so, it would be great to find one who can build you a house that you can claim ownership. You should always make sure that you have all the relevant documents written in your name to safeguard yourself from any future legal uncertainties.

Most sugar daddies are in constant travel to different countries and continents and hence need a lady for companionship. If by any chance you meet such a man, you are guaranteed of travelling to places you never imagined before and enjoyed the experience of being miles away from your home. Get a rich dad pay yourself first by ensuring that apart from enjoying the numerous trips, you get something on top of it. This would be in form of cash, gifts or shopping in those foreign countries. Trips will not pay your bills after the end of the trips and, therefore, you should make sure that you get sufficient cash that can sustain you for the entire trips. Sometimes, it’s possible to quarrel with your sugar daddy during these visits and would end up leaving you stranded in a foreign country without sufficient cash to take you back home. Always ensure that rich dad pay yourself first by having a loaded credit card or some money that you can withdraw from your bank account in that foreign country.

In some instances, a lady may be drowning in debts with no one to come to their rescue. This may influence her to find a rich sugar daddy to help her in settling her debts. As a lady when you find a rich dad pay yourself first by ensuring that he settles all you debts. The relationship between a sugar dad and a lady is more open and hence she in a position to talk to the man and explain her predicaments. Before starting the relationship, you should ensure that the sugar daddy is in a position to pay your debts so that you can have peace of mind in the relationship. A rich sugar dad should also be considerate enough to ensure that he provides you with the needed financial support to help you clear your debts so that you can fully focus on the relationship.Rich Dad Pay Yourself First

You can find a rich dad pay yourself first in cases where you have been struggling to find a job with no success. Mostly, sugar dads are influential people with links that can help you land yourself your dream job regardless of your qualification. This is important in the long term as it will ensure a constant flow of finances even after you fall out with the sugar dad. In some cases, a sugar daddy may get you a well paying job in his company as a way of manipulating you to stay in the relationship, which he retrenches you immediately after breaking up with him. It’s also important to ensure that he gets you a job that he will not control you with, in case you break up with him.

Apart from the benefits received by a lady from a sugar daddy, the two parties should have a mutual benefit. A sugar dad should ensure that he as well gets the best out of the financial services that he offers to the lady. As a rich dad pay yourself first and make sure that the relationship gives you what you expected or even much more. Sugar daddies are in most cases aged, and as such, they need not be stressed or nagged around by the companions. It is likely for a sugar daddy to get himself a lady who is in constant nagging and stressing him, which directly affect his health.

As a rich dad pay yourself first by finding the best available lady


One who you feel that she provides the best in the relationship. Different men have difference preferences when it comes to dating women. As a rich dad pay yourself first by finding a lady who compliments you depending on your social class and reputation in the society. While some men may decide to go for ladies with the best looks, others opt for intelligent women who have had formal education and are great in decision making. Rich dad pay yourself first by finding a beautiful lady who compliments your looks and makes you feel younger whenever she is in your company. This makes the man feel appreciated and respected when a beautiful lady is always by his side whenever he attends important meetings or trips. On the other hand, other men need an intelligent woman who can contribute directly to managing his businesses, regardless of the looks. This gives the man more confidence and the idea that his businesses are in safe hands. An intelligent lady with former education is more likely to bring new ideas to the man’s businesses owing to the vast changes in technology that are rendering some of the old ones outdated.

Rich dad pay yourself first by ensuring that you have a clearly and defined relationship goals with a sugar baby. This will help in making sure that none of the parties will expect more than can be offered by the other. In some instances, a sugar baby is likely to involve his friends and family to enjoy the benefits from the sugar daddy. As a rich dad pay yourself first by informing your sugar baby that she can only get the benefits that are enough for her without involving third parties. Most sugar babies would want to bring family financial wrangles into the relationship, making the sugar daddy fund both the lady and the family. This is likely to bring conflicts to the relationships as the man feels used and may end up not enjoying the time that he anticipated from the sugar baby.Rich Dad Pay Yourself First


Rich dad pay yourself first how to flirt

It is important for a rich dad pay yourself first by making sure that the sugar baby you are in a relationship with does not ask more than you can offer. For example, it’s the desire of every sugar baby to have a sugar dad who is in a position of buying her a car. The issue, however, may not be buying your sugar baby a car, but the model. Some ladies want to ask for cars from their rich sugar daddies which are above the value of that which is being driven by the sugar daddy. Rich dad pay yourself first by ensuring that your sugar baby does not pass your social status by the financial support you offer her. This helps in ensuring that you are in control and you will not be left heartbroken if you have nothing more to offer. The secret is ensuring that the lady anticipates a better gift by providing gifts of a considerable low value during the first days of dating. This can gradually escalate depending on the loyalty of the lady and the possibility of having her around for the longest time possible.

Your happiness and contentment come first in any relationships. Rich dad pay yourself first by ensuring that you are the head and you do not give in, to a controlling sugar baby. You should be in a position to determine whether a sugar baby is honest within the first days of dating. Rich dad pay yourself first as this gives you an idea of how your relationship will be in future with the sugar baby, consequently determining how much you should invest into the relationship. In most cases, there are dishonest sugar babies who find sugar daddies solely for financial support. Once they are contented that they have achieved the much they can from the relationship, they break up unceremoniously from the relationship, leaving the sugar dad in a financial and emotional crisis.

Rich dad pay yourself first by ensuring you can have a long lasting mark in the life of your sugar baby. This can be done by investing directly in the life of the sugar baby to ensure that you can have something you can credit to the relationship in case it ends. As a Rich dad pay yourself first by building a business empire that the sugar baby can run while you still enjoy the greater part of the returns.

Alternatively, as a rich dad pay yourself first by ensuring that the sugar baby will have something to remember you with. This could be in form of having the lady bear you a child who will strengthen the bond between you two. It is, however, important to be careful on whom you need to give you a child as other ladies may have ill motives of inheriting your wealth and then run away.Rich Dad Pay Yourself First

There also various alternatives which rich dad pay yourself first by buying your sugar daddy property under your name. This is a wise strategy of ensuring that you still possess the property if in any case, the lady was a scammer. Rich dad pay yourself first by strategising on the way forward in case of an unceremonious breakup. It will be of much help as you will be prepared for it and will not be of a great impact on your wealth or health. Rich dad pay yourself first by ensuring that they are aware of how delicate their health is and hence, should not get into a relationship with so many expectations to avoid disappointments. Notifying a friend or a family member of the relationship between you and the sugar baby is also a convenient way which rich dad pay yourself first to ensure that they are safe from ladies who may harm steal from them during the courtship.