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sugar daddy definition

Sugar Daddy Definition – Basic Sugar Daddy Definition

Any basic sugar daddy definition must include the financial obligations of the sugar daddy to his sugar baby. A sugar daddy takes care of the financial needs of his sugar baby and the sugar baby takes care of his emotional and/or sexual needs, if applicable. The sugar baby provides quality company for her sugar daddy. Not just intimate company, but social. It is not the payment of money that, in and of itself, demands sexual gratification by the sugar baby. It is the sugar daddy phenomenon that demands the sugar baby make her sugar daddy happy. Not because he pays her. But the fact is that the sugar daddy is responsible for the financial well being of his sugar baby.

Interpreting the Sugar Daddy Definition


Interpreting the sugar daddy definition can be cumbersome at times but it is essential that the interpreter does not confuse the sugar daddy definition with definitions pertaining to Escort Services or Prostitution, both of which are similar in effect. The sugar daddy definition is unique in that a sugar daddy financially supports his sugar baby because he actually wants to please her and to see her happy. He derives a great deal of pleasure in seeing her excited by gifts and treats. This is very different from the pure definition of prostitution where the customer does not really know the service provider. The aim of a single transaction is for the customer to achieve satisfaction afterwhich the transaction is concluded and paid for. Similar to the services of an Escort and only differing in that it is not a definite that the services of an Escort is employed for sexual gratification. It is assumed that an Escort can sleep with their client for an additional fee, but not a definite. The sugar daddy definition states that there is a ‘relationship’ between the sugar daddy and his sugar baby, and not a temporary transaction.

Sugar Daddy Definition Misunderstood

The sugar daddy definition misunderstanding stems from the above argument in that the counterpart of the sugar daddy relationship, the sugar baby, is assumed to be receiving money for sex. This is not the case in the sugar daddy-sugar baby scenario. The sexual aspect of the sugar daddy/sugar baby affair is an integral part of the relationship and, in any event, does not always happen. It is not an absolute must that the sugar daddy has sex with his sugar baby because he may be past the age or stage in life where he desires sexual pleasures or is able to perform them.

The conclusion is that a sugar daddy relationship can be as special and as meaningful as any other relationship. It has no more a connection to prostitution than any other relationship in that other relationships can be one sided and lean towards the suspected sex-for-favours spectrum.