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Sugar Daddy Allowance

Sugar Daddy Allowance : How Much Should My Sugar Daddy Pay Me?

The Sugar Daddy Allowance – How Much money

Remember, your sugar daddy Allowance is not the same as charging him for your time or you are calling yourself something you should not want to be. If you want to be an escort then join an Escort Agency but having a Sugar Daddy is not the same. A Sugar Daddy Allowance is an agreed amount of money your sugar daddy gives to you as maintenance. This Sugar Daddy Allowance enables his Sugar Babe (you) to maintain a comfortable or even lavish lifestyle.

Sugar Daddy Allowance

How to Calculate How Much a Sugar Daddy Allowance Should Be

Calculating how much a sugar daddy allowance should be is something you sit down with your sugar daddy in the beginning and work out. You write down all of your outgoings and make sure that they are covered first such as rent, utility bills, mobile phone bills and food shopping. Then you can add your own allowance such as money for clothes and entertainment. You don’t have to be greedy but if you explain to your sugar daddy properly what your outgoings are he will not want yo to go without or have to ask anybody else for help. You should be honest about your expenses and then everything else will be given as gifts, holidays etc. The exact amount will depend on the area you live and how much your rent is to begin with and the type of lifestyle you are already accustom to. If you are the ex-wife of a Premier League footballer then £1000 a month won’t cut it but if you’re a unemployed student from Manchester it probably would.

What do I Have to Do For a Sugar Daddy Allowance?

Well, if you are a newbie in Sugar Daddy Dating then all we can say is be yourself. All you would imagine a woman should do for her man as seen in romantic movies, do it! There actually aren’t any hard and fast rules about Sugar Daddy Dating only that you both get what you entered into the relationship for. He wants a stunning hot sugar baby on his arm on weekend getaways or business trips and you want to be pampered. Get it? In terms of anything else you both can discuss as you move along. There may be fantasies that you both share or maybe there is something he has reveals he would really love for you to do for or to him. As time goes on you can ask for a Sugar Daddy Allowance rise especially if you have really been making each other happy.