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sugar daddy date outfit

Sugar daddy date outfit

Many sugar girls often wonder what their sugar daddy date outfit should look like. It can be difficult to put a look together to impress your rich gorgeous man, especially when you don’t have experience working with expensive clothing and accessorizing in the right way. Your sugar daddy date outfit should talk by itself and tell your sugar daddy you are a confident woman who is not afraid to speak up her mind, who is intelligent and sophisticated but still has a great sense of humour. Don’t choose clothes that are too formal, you will come across as too rigid. However, going for a girlish look will make you seem childish. Here’s how you should dress according to the event you’re attending.

Sugar daddy date outfit for brunch

sugar daddy date outfit

sugar daddy date outfit

Brunch is usually taken around 11 a.m, so you’ll want to wear light coloured clothes and natural make up. Go for a youthful attire that will make you look fresh and rested. A cute chiffon white dress with nude ballet pumps will look beautiful accessorized with expensive jewellery or a designer bag. Don’t forget your sunglasses, in case you have brunch on a terrace.

Depending on the location you’re going for lunch, you’ll have to decide whether you wear high heels or go for an Audrey Hepburn look and stick to flat pumps. Whatever your shoe choice, you can draw attention to yourself through a stunning look that will turn heads. Knee high boots with a knitted dress sweater look beautiful paired with a faux fur vest. Create soft waves in your hair to complete this chic outfit.

For a sugar daddy date outfit for lunch that is more casual, choose white cropped pants and a shirt with a colourful print. Don’t shy away from bright colours, but learn what best enhances your complexion. Stay away from hues that wash you out and choose nuances that will make your eyes pop. You want to seduce your man and show him that you are a sophisticated girl who knows what she wants.

Sugar daddy date outfit for dinner

Evenings are your time to shine. Your sugar daddy date outfit for dinner should include a little black dress, high heels and a gorgeous cat eye. If you don’t want to go for a little black dress, choose a skirt or a dress that will flatter your silhouette no matter the colour. Your sugar daddy will be blown away by your look and will want to buy you as many dresses as you need to look stunning at all times. Don’t forget to finish the entire look with a Chanel bag. If you don’t have one already, it’s time to fix that!