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i’m dating a sugar daddy

I’m Dating a Sugar Daddy – A special Relationship

i’m dating a sugar daddy – Many people what what’s it like to have a sugar daddy? Since there are many misconceptions floating around, especially on the internet, I decided to write about my own experience. I’m dating a Sugar Daddy and I couldn’t be happier! I am treated with respect and I have anything I could ask for. The relationship is mutually beneficial and I feel blessed to have met my gorgeous and rich man.

When I tell people I’m dating a sugar daddy I always get a lot of answers about our relationship, his age and how we spend our time together. I don’t mind opening up about my story, as I like to believe it will help other girls out there make this wonderful step towards a beneficial and mature relationship.

I’m Dating a Sugar Daddy – How Did It All Start?

My sugar daddy experience is not that flashy as most people would imagine. I met my rich and gorgeous sugar daddy when I was 24 and he was 40. I plucked up the courage to look for a friend with benefits online and I wasn’t disappointed. I set up an online profile and filled it with my personal information. I wrote down my hobbies, passions and dreams.

I was immediately contacted by several men who were charmed by my photo and profile information. However, from the pile of messages, one of the stood out. I had found my sugar daddy who shared my hobbies and dreams. We chatted a bit online before meeting face to face and we took it further from there.

i'm dating a sugar daddy

i’m dating a sugar daddy

I’m Dating a Sugar Daddy – What Do We Do?

Whenever I tell one of my girlfriends I’m dating a sugar daddy, they all want to know how we spend our time. In my case, most of the time we are either shopping, having dinner at expensive restaurants or grabbing a drink in a fancy club. Occasionally, we go on city breaks that we have to schedule around his busy schedule. When we’re not together, my sugar daddy makes sure I have all I need to beauty saloons and to shopping malls so I look perfect and happy when we meet up.

I’m Dating a sugar daddy

Having a sugar daddy is more than having someone buy you presents all the time and surprising you with pampering days at the SPA or Paris city breaks. I’m dating a Sugar Daddy that I can rely on day and night. This mutually beneficial relationship is based on a real connection that brings two adventurous people together sharing the same hobbies. Dating a sugar daddy you’re compatible with makes for an outstanding relationship and unique experiences.