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sugar daddy arrangement

Sugar Daddy Arrangement

Sugar daddy arrangement is a relationship between an old wealthy man and attractive young woman that includes terms and conditions predetermined before the commencement of the relationship. Unlike normal relationships, sugar daddy arrangement requires minimum emotional attachment. Both the man and woman in the relationship understand the expectations of each other. Often, the man is in the relationship for companionship while the woman is in the relationship for some financial gain that may include monetary allowance and/or expensive gifts.

Why Sugar Daddy Arrangement Work

sugar daddy arrangement

sugar daddy arrangement

The main reason why sugar daddy arrangement works is because of honesty. Such relationships are successful because they are based on reality. Each partner outlines his or her expectations beforehand, which helps find a person that is willing to engage within the terms. The components of a lasting relationship are honesty, communication, and trust. Sugar daddy arrangement begins with communication to build trust. If the man is married, he is honest from the onset. Setting rules of engagement beforehand means the chances of conflict in the relationship are minimal so long as each partner adheres to the rules.
Another aspect that makes sugar daddy arrangement work so well is the human biological programming. It is the nature of a man to seek approval and that of a woman to seek security. In a normal relationship, there are too many variables that are left undefined in the beginning of the relationship. This makes it impossible to know what one is getting into. Successful men who have spent most of their life pursuing their dreams know exactly what they want and do not have time to pursue pointless relationships. Sugar daddy arrangement allows such men to get what they want using the limited free time they have at their disposal.

Why Sugar daddy Arrangement Sites are growing in Popularity

Unlike regular dating sites where there are people from different walks of life with different reasons for joining, a sugar daddy arrangement site comprises of people with similar intentions who do not have illusions about the reality of the world we live in. while sugar daddy arrangement is not the most convention form of dating, it is one of the most honest because it involves consenting adults willing to avoid formalities to cut straight to the chase.