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Sugar baby dating – my safe harbor! Ch 4

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Conclusions on my lifestyle as a sugar baby


…I very often wonder if people, out of human nature, sometimes simply oppose to the achievements a sugar baby because in comparison to themselves they covet the level of effort through which those achievement come about. People should look at each other from the “who they are” and not  “what they do” perspective. I remember reading an extract from a book on law a friend had forgotten in my apartment some time ago. And out of curiosity, while flicking through the pages I randomly spotted the word “neighbor”. By coincidence at the time there was a huge issue going on between a neighbor, myself and a palm tree I got as present – yeah, I know don’t even get me started on that one – so I then stopped to read it. The way it talked about “neighbor” in the context the book was about… it was so beautifully touching in how rationally logical it was that it got stuck in my mind to date. In short, it defined the people affected by the things you do or, equally important, the things you don’t do. And I have thought about this question for a long time now with no success in answering it: who am I affecting so negatively with what I do?

Hoping for a better world,