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Sugar Baby terms

Talking about Sugar Baby Terms and Rules


When you are defining your relationship with your sugar daddy or vice versa there are certain sugar baby terms and rules which one has to think about. When we say sugar baby terms we don’t mean specific rules but there are a few certain things that you have to remember. Similar to the vows that a husband and wife make there are certain sugar baby terms which are good to go by to make the most of your companionship. If you want to make the most out of each other then you have to respect one another and go buy similar rules.

Examples of Sugar Baby Terms


sugar baby terms

sugar baby terms to make it a good relationship

We have come up with some general sugar baby terms which we believe are important in keeping both parties of the relationship happy. Of course, these sugar baby terms aren’t set in concrete but will have a positive impact on your relationship overall.

Sugar Baby Terms For Sugar Babies
1. Make sure you keep up your appearance. Do your hair, your nails and wear clothing which will make your sugar daddy want you even more.
2. If you want or need something ask your sugar daddy because more than likely he will more than happy to give it to you.
3. Don’t have more than one sugar daddy on the go at one time because you will end up with no-one.
4. Always keep your sugar daddy happy and find time for him, when he needs it.
5. Don’t steal, don’t lie and be honest. Earn your trust and be yourself.

Sugar Baby Terms for Sugar Daddies


  1. Keep your sugar baby happy and give her what she needs financially and in other aspects of your relationship.
    2. Be honest and be faithful to her because she is giving you a companionship no-one else can.
    3. Understand that your sugar baby has to have time to herself for shopping and hairdresser appointments.
    4. Flaunt your sugar baby and be proud of her.
    5. Be yourself and you will find that you and your sugar baby have overall more in common that you think.These terms and rules are some of the most important which you should build your companionship upon. It is similar to being a spouse to someone. Honesty is the key, trust will keep you together and giving each other what they need will make the companionship a lot better. Enjoy each other to the full and discuss the arrangements between yourselves, financially, living together and so on. Every companionship is different, some are based on attraction, some are based on sexual needs and others just based on friendship. There is no wrong and right – be yourself and enjoy it while you can!