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Sugar Baby Outfits For a First Date

Sugar Baby Outfits For a romantic dinner date

Whether you are new to being a sugar baby or you are a pro – the sugar baby outfits you choose to wear could make or break a companionship. It really is all about the clothing and you want to keep up an image so choosing right is vital to being a sugar baby.

Sugar Baby Outfits – What to Wear

Sugar Baby Outfits

Sugar Baby Outfits

We want to let you know what is considered OKAY to wear when it comes to sugar baby outfits. It is important to dress correctly while not looking too flashy and too over the top. An essential to your wardrobe is a little black dress. You can dress it up, you can dress it down and it never goes out of season. A classic clutch is always classy, sexy and will give you a finished look.

Jeans are OK for when you are at home. If you are going on a day out then choose open toed shoes to show off your pedicure, tight trousers and combine it with a tight fitting but not too showing top. Suits are a no go, cocktail dresses always win and sportswear is best left for the gym.

Sugar Baby Outfits – What Not to Wear

If you aren’t sure about something then we have got all the advice on what not to wear when it comes to sugar baby outfits. Don’t go on your first date covered in make up and wearing the highest pair of heels you have. If you want to dress to impress then you need to be confident. Sparkles aren’t all that great because they attract a lot of attention and you need to be charming, subtle and sexy at the same time. Don’t wear a minidress which shows leg and bust but show just only one part. Don’t wear old fashioned patterns because you want to show how young you are. Try to think fun, natural and beautiful. Skirts are OK but don’t accompany them with a suit jacket and flip flops. Dresses are the safest option but choose wisely.

Seasons and Colors for sexy date outfits

See what we class as season clothing and the most modern colors to wear when choosing sugar baby outfits. Summer is a time where you can experiment and go with dresses, skirts and flowery colors. Choose pastel as this is up and coming for 2017. Metallic colors are great for the winter and add a shimmer without it looking too much.

Reds and blacks are always in and are sexy colors and will attract the looks to make your date just that little bit jealous. Leather is also a good option for the coming season but again don’t dress from head to toe in it! Be yourself and enjoy experimenting!