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Sugar baby Jannet and her secret diaries – Ch 1

Review of Sugar Daddy Websites

A sugar baby start to life journey


What a journey! And I don’t mean the trip Mark and I are in right now! No. I mean something bigger. More as in a life’s history line. I would never have thought that the personal achievements and goals which to me were once unachievable, far fetched and non realistic then, would I be living right now. Nor would I even have imagined the term sugar baby associated with my life. We both decided to take a break from our comfort zone of skyscraper restaurants, West End evenings and Sketch London nights and gave way to the surrounding fairy tale like landscape with its frozen scenery we are cutting right through in bullet speed now. I have no idea why I now, all of a sudden started scribbling this thoughts down but I suppose as we have a few hours till we get to Geneva and Mark completely dozed off next to me, that will just do killing time trick. Oh right! I am Jannet, for those of you who might see me in a more positive light if I give you my real name. But the more common reality is… I am very rarely seen in a positive light. A night shift aviation worker might be a bit luckier than me on that one, I’ll tell you that! But sassiness aside, I am someone you most certainly have already met or at least encounter daily: the girl you saw giving a seat away to an elderly while you were commuting, that other one who squatted a little bit to get you your fallen coins at Starbucks or that other one who selflessly went out of her way to spend some time explaining to you where the street you were looking for was? I am the average somebody, who like everybody else, enjoys being appreciated for who they are but in my case I am mostly judged for what I do: I am a sugar baby…