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Sugar Baby Examples – New Sugar Baby Stories

What Sugar Baby Examples Are There?

Although people don’t think of Cleopatra and Katherine Parr as sugar babies they certainly looked to an older man for monetary support. It definitely continues today with Jerry Hall and Melania Trump.
Even fiction is not immune. As Jane Austen pointed out, “A man with a good fortune must be in want of a wife.”

Although it seems chauvinistic today, there are hundreds of sugar baby examples throughout history of women hooking up because of money-whether an estate, a gold mine or a whole empire. The sugar baby examples just require the impetus to hitch up, though many do look for other things in a relationship, such as good sex and being treated fairly.

Sugar Baby Examples

When Do Sugar Baby Examples Begin?

The beginning of money forming part of a marriage deal, known as a dowry, seems to go back into ancient history, ultimately to the beginning of money and trade? As soon as it was decided that woman were “the softer sex” and seen as a prize, a price for wooing them was established. It’s all very depressing for feminists everywhere but it all comes to “cherchez la femme”, meaning that in any political struggle you should always “look for the woman”. Sugar baby examples were never hard to find, perhaps they even thrived in history’s prosperous times.

Which Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby Examples Came Out Best?

There have been hundreds, thousands, of examples of a marriage or other partnership which involved a sugar daddy working. Not all of Henry VIII’s marriages were good, but the last one was certainly profitable for the wife when she outlived her husband. Ones which involved a mistress? Well Lady Hamilton might be thought of one, except she was quite well off before meeting Lord Nelson. Money and privilege certainly came into it in a big way.
Let’s face it, sugar baby examples flourished throughout our history. The growth of Sugar baby websites makes it seem that we are just being a bit more honest about it. There are Definitely more sugar baby examples to come-and you may be one of them.