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sugar baby advice

Sugar Baby Advice – Introduction

So you’ve decided you want to become a Sugar Baby and want some sugar baby advice? Or you’ve just become one and have no idea what to do, what to say and generally how to go about starting this new luxury lifestyle. No matter the reasons, you might just need some friendly sugar baby advice and luckily you have landed in the right place; right here reading this article!

Sugar Baby Advice

There are many questions that new sugar babies have about this new world of dating rich men, some questions may seem embarrassing or too numerous. Hopefully in this article, the answers to many will be answered. This sugar baby advice will be honest, in detail and hopefully a bit funny!


Dating is hard. There are no two ways around it. My sugar baby piece of advice would be, if you find it hard normally, why not try becoming a sugar baby. There are many reasons to….

sugar baby advice

sugar baby advice

Why become a sugar baby?

There are many reasons why someone would wish to become one and need sugar baby advice. For some it is about the lifestyle, a rich man can provide you with the luxury that not many are afforded with. A lifestyle of posh restaurants and five star travel around the world with expensive clothes and items. Some things that a lot of men cannot provide you with unless they are rich.
The pressure of dating can be quite rough on a lot of people, where do you meet? What do you talk about? Are you compatible with each other? Dating can be a bit of a pain when really all you want is fun and companionship. The life of a sugar baby can give you this. Rich men want the companionship without all the hassle and pressures of a regular relationship. My sugar baby advice is this: if normal dating causes you a headache, why not try this?

How to become a sugar baby?

One of the foremost pieces of sugar baby advice is how to actually become one. It’s not like you can go to the corner shop and see ads for them pinned up on the notice board. The best places to go are specialty websites such as Be careful about which websites you use, make sure they are reputable. The first step is signing up and logging in your details. They can usually ask questions about why you want to become a sugar baby and what type of men you are interested in. A site that asks for your bank details or address straight away might be a bit dodgy. So any site that requires passwords to any of your other accounts or personal information you don’t feel comfortable giving away, stay away from. My sugar baby advice would be, whatever site you sign up to, if they ask for a meeting or interview with anyone, take a friend with you. Make sure someone is in contact with you and knows where you are at all times. This is purely for safety precautions as some sites have been known to mess you around. Again the best site to go to is if you need more sugar baby advice.

What should your profile say?

Firstly, any sugar baby advice wouldn’t be right without saying your profile picture should be considered very carefully. You need a picture that puts you in a good light, makes you look beautiful but doesn’t lie. Nothing would be more irritating that seeing an excellent picture but then when you meet, the picture completely lied.
Next piece of sugar baby advice would be to always put your answers in terms of how you would be a good sugar baby. For example: Instead of putting, I like reading. Write down, do you like books? We could talk forever about some of my favorite authors.
Let him know you’re smart without being pretentious: I dream about us sailing while discussing our University past.
Let him know you’re there for him, you are the sugar baby ready to help him in his daily life: I would love to help you succeed in anyway I can.

How to choose a Sugar Daddy?

Every bit of sugar baby advice is needed when choosing a Sugar Daddy. Dating rich men is extremely different to dating average men as they have different needs, wants and lifestyles. Their luxury lifestyle might sound exciting, but it can be tiring and stressful at times. A sugar baby site might offer the men but not give you sugar baby advice on how to actually choose a daddy. Here are some points on what to think about when choosing your sugar daddy:

All of these points are important to think about when looking for a sugar daddy.


What to wear is a piece of sugar baby advice which is important and should be adhered to at first meetings. If your sugar daddy asks you to wear something else you should wear it, as long as it is something you are comfortable with.
Rich sugar daddies who live in luxury expect their companion to be at the same level as them when it comes to dress sense. Live it up! Try to look the part when meeting and being the companion of these daddies. You want to live and be treated like a princess? Look the part.
Dresses and skirts are a great start, look sophisticated and sexy as much as you can without going too far. Remember to keep it classy.
Jewelry is a great way to accessories an outfit and make it really ‘pop’. A big necklace, earrings and bangles are all ways to bring attention to different parts of an outfit. My piece of sugar baby advice would be to hire a personal shopper for the day. Highlight the importance of buying a few outfits for daily wear and a few outfits for going out. They need to be respectable but also a bit sexy. Remember, that sugar daddy needs to be proud whenever he looks at you.
Whenever clothing is mentioned, make-up and hair is always the next topic. Any sugar baby will need to make sure their hair is always up to a good standard and styled. Before meeting a sugar daddy for the first time go and get it cut and blow dried. A great tip would be to attend a make-up course for the day. My sugar baby advice would be to learn some tricks on how to properly apply make-up quickly and efficiently.


This is the big piece of sugar baby advice that many need to listen to. The site might not mention it, but a lot of rich sugar daddies still want a companion they can talk to. Someone who actually has something to say instead of just sitting next to them looking pretty. Dating a sugar daddy still means you need to be interesting, no site can give you the gift of talking, however a site can give you tips and topic starters to help you out. Read newspapers or at least check out a news app each morning just so you have something recent and topical to talk about. Ask about their work, what do they do? Some might not want to talk about their jobs but many thrive on explaining the ins and outs of their work lives. Look interested, ask questions.
Dating in this luxury lifestyle means you might be out of your comfort zone with some topics, so do some research. If he loves to go sailing, read something about boats. If he loves to go rock climbing, maybe suggest going to a center together. Again, some sugar daddies might not want this, you have to gauge for yourself what type of man they are. My sugar baby advice would be to learn what your sugar daddy wants and then adhere to that. If they want conversations? Do some reading, get some points to talk about. If they want you just for someone to sit with, be happy with just being a companion.

Let’s talk about sex baby!

Before delving into any sugar baby advice about sex, the most important aspect of this dating scene is knowing what is acceptable. The site may not tell you what he is expecting but he surely will when you start dating this rich man. This is a relationship in which you are gifted and treated well. It is not a service! This is a mutually beneficial relationship. If you do not want sex, make that very clear. Some sugar daddies purely want a companion to talk to and experience a luxury lifestyle together. Some do want a sexual relationship. It is whatever you feel comfortable with. My biggest piece of sugar baby advice would be to never allow yourself to be forced into doing something you don’t want to do! A rich sugar daddy does not own you. A rich man can provide you with a great life but does not get sex automatically.

Is there an age limit?

Whenever someone wants some sugar baby advice, the question of age always comes into play. A 30 year old asked if they were too old for it. No! Of course you’re not too old for it. A lot of sugar daddies can appreciate an older woman for her life experience and wisdom. Some sugar daddies just generally find sugar babies their own age more attractive. Do not be put off this lifestyle because you think you might be too old.


This lifestyle can be very daunting to new people. Travelling to exotic places, shopping and learning this new life is quite a big thing. My sugar baby advice would be to try and talk to someone, make some friends in this new lifestyle and discuss together how to live and make your sugar daddy happy. A big piece of sugar baby advice would be not to let it get to your head; remember the sugar daddy is treating you like a princess, don’t go acting like the evil queen.


I hope this sugar baby advice has been useful, a lot of questions are asked about being a sugar baby and it’s hard to try and answer every single one in a single article. This sugar baby advice covers quite a lot of the main points and will certainly help a lot of women out there.