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sugar baby at college

Sugar Baby at College

There are several reasons that can push a student into becoming a sugar baby at college. Majorly, students are using these relationships as a result of exaggerated college fees, high living standards and for a ‘happy’ life. Several sugar daddy sites like have been created to bridge the gap between sugar baby at college and wealthy sugar daddies in the UK. Although most students are seeing this as a quick and ‘safer’ way to earn a living, there are several consequences related to being a sugar baby at college.

Reasons for Becoming a Sugar Baby at College

Many students registering on claim that the high college fee imposed by the government is among the major reasons they date sugar daddies. A sugar daddy is a rich old man dating a sugar baby at college in exchange for sex and money. The cost of living has gone high and most students cannot afford to pay for all their expenses. Moreover, poor family backgrounds are as well contributing to these mutually beneficial relationships.
However, other students are engaging in this business for a fancy lifestyle. They want to live in classy flats, spend weekends in five-star hotels and foreign trips. A recent research revealed that some students are making up to $3,000 per week or month.

Qualities of a Sugar Baby at College

sugar baby at college

sugar baby at college

While some sugar daddies are easily carried away by the general beauty, others prefer dating a sugar baby at college with beauty and brains. Sugar daddies are after confident and open minded sugar babies who will not be shy to express her needs. Intelligence is a key factor because a sugar daddy will expect you to actively engage and contribute to his conversations. Moreover, a kind and honest sugar baby at college has a high chance of having a durable relationship than a lustful and rude sugar baby. Another important aspect is humor. A sugar daddy expects a sugar baby to be interesting, funny, happy and free. This helps in clearing worries and doubts in a relationship.

Challenges of a Sugar Baby at College

Living as a sugar baby at college is not just a walk in the park. Cases of students dropping out of college have been reported several times in the UK.This has been as a result of students spending too much time on vacations, foreign trips, and endless money. Luck of freedom is another challenge as a sugar daddy will always be controlling. Some sugar babies are living a secretive life because their sugar daddies are married.
Furthermore, some sugar daddies are sex maniacs. They will demand sex any time because they pay for it. A sugar baby at college can also suffer from stigmatization from friends and families who are not for the relationships.
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