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sugar baby chihuahua


Sugar Baby Chihuahua

This year the ultimate accessory in the sugar world is the sugar baby chihuahua. No self-respecting young woman would be seen dead without her sugar baby chihuahua trotting at her side or tucked under her arm. Big dogs are most definitely oeuvre, and these little cutie pies the real deal. And they have the price tag to prove it. Don’t be surprised if a sugar baby chihuahua sets you back several thousand pounds. But what’s the point of accessorising if any Tom, Dick or Harriet can afford to do the same?

Accessorising the Ultimate Accessory – Dressing the Sugar Baby Chihuahua

One of the best things about the sugar baby chihuahua trend is all the accessories you can get for the little tiny pooch. There is no limit to the items available for these little furry bundles of joy. Mink and diamond collars, cashmere coats, crocodile skin leads and tiny handmade booties are only the tip of the iceberg of what’s available. And matching outfits are available for puppy and mumma; you can both rock the hottest rock chick look with black leather studded jackets and handmade thigh-high boots, or the urban girl about town look with sleek tailored lines. Sugar baby chihuahuas have wardrobes that rival their mistress’s in size and price.

Sugar Baby Chihuahua Boutiques and Designers

Whatever the style you’re looking for you’ll find a boutique or a designer who will provide it for you. There are many off the peg offerings. Harrods and Harvey Nichols both stock a range and Chanel and Gautier provide beautiful chi-chi items for the sugar baby chihuahua. There are also many designers who you can commission to create an haute couture piece for your precious pup.

Sugar Baby Chihuahua Beauty Parlours for Pooch Pampering
sugar baby chihuahua

sugar baby chihuahua

Sugar baby chihuahuas enjoy pampering just as much as their owners do. Daily baths and shampoos are a must, and the most stylish puppies are sleek, perfumed and well manicured. Many imitate catwalk looks with a pink or blue rinse through their luscious locks, and the longer-haired varieties may opt for some curls. A popular look is a curled quiff and shaved ankles. If a complete colour rinse is a bit much for you, sugar baby chihuahua beauty parlours often offer lap dog tattoos. Don’t panic! This doesn’t entail showing Roxie a nasty needle. Puppy tattoos are carefully painted onto an area of fur. Or you may prefer to add a touch of bling to Binky in the form of a bedazzled design. The choice is yours, and the choices are endless.

There is no end to the dress-up and accessorising fun you can have with a sugar baby chihuahua. Let your imagination and fantasies run riot.