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sugar baby blog

The Sugar Baby Blog

Are you a Sugar baby who love to write? If so, why not combine your love of writing and earn a little cash while putting your stamp on the world, with a Sugar Baby blog? Everyone blogs today – you’ll find blogs on lifestyle, shopping, books and looking after pets, and there are thousands of blogs that are all dedicated to the Sugar Daddy lifestyle. So, if your passion is to write, set up that Sugar Baby blog! Below we share some hints and tips with you.

What should you call your Sugar Baby blog?

This is always the first question that Sugar Babes ask when they set up a Sugar Baby blog. After all, the name is everything, and once you have established your name, it is very difficult to change it. The best advice we can offer here, is to conduct an online search for the most popular Sugar Baby blogs and find out the common theme. What words do they use? This will get the creative juices flowing, so that you can come up with your very own distinctive voice. Just remember to keep it short and snappy, so that it is instantly memorable.

What to write on your Sugar Baby blog


sugar baby blog

sugar baby blog

The golden rule here is to write what you are comfortable with. Some Sugar Babe’s like to bare their soul, and will write daily posts on what they have been up to. Other bloggers tend to write once a week, while others give advice on dating, make-up and meeting that perfect Sugar Daddy. The main thing when setting up your Sugar Baby blog, is to do what you want to do, not what everyone else is doing. Find your own style, and the rest will follow. It is also good to write about what you know. If it is heartfelt, then you will slowly gain followers.

How often should you post on your Sugar Baby blog?

Once again there are no hard or fast rules on this topic. But, what you do need to be is consistent. So if you have stated that you are going to post twice a week, make sure that you do so, as a lack of fresh posts, will result in a lack of followers.
Images and video
As well as the writing, you need to make your Sugar Baby blog visually appealing, and the way to do this is by sharing photographs and videos, either of yourself or fellow celebrities. We all love to know what is going on within those famed inner circles, and we all love to look at the rich and famous.