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Sugar Babe Horse

Sugar Babe Horse often performed it as the challenging role in helping the riders who wanted an extremely well mount. Most of the people selected their horses’ vacations, tamed them to perform certain kinds of activities according to their will and choice but the sugar babe performed well for both her owner and for her occupation. Sugar Babe Horse was under the young and dynamic guidance of Danny Nikolic for her first right-handed race experience.

It was the time when sugar babe had become a therapy horse at KSRP(Kent special riding program) and hurriedly set herself as the useless asset to the programme. but it did not take a much time for the staff, volunteers and riders to praise her in a quite gentle way and they were astonished how to manage themselves without her. Her sweet nature was the mean of inspiration of confidence in the fearful condition.

Qualities of Sugar Babe Horse

She was under the consideration of almost all of the people who want to step into the ring to show their tricks. She was also ridden by some of the superficial personalities also. Sugar Babe Horse consistently displayed outstanding patience and courtesy of nature for a Hippotherapy horse. Many years ago, KSPR had the services of 4-H Club which awarded their riders the best opportunity to move against non-disabled youth. Sugar Babe Horse was the subject matter for a large number of club members, and her friendly behaviour gave them a lot of confidence to enter into the show ring to show their feats. The honourable mare also took part in KSRP team to show their worth in the ring.

Sugar Babe Horse

Sympathy with Sugar Babe Horse

Due to being over age she got a great deal of sympathy from different people who want her to take a proper rest, but she used to dance her feet to show her interest to enter the ring. As Sugar Babe Horse grew older many of the people at KSRP, have strongly belief that she should be given a suitable break because of her faithful services for many of the years. She was also honoured and awarded with the title of Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH) International horse of the year in 2000. All of them were trying to let her retire from her faithful duties now, but she wished to show them that her work was not completed yet.

Sugar Babe Horse always used to tap her legs on the fence to give the indicator that she should be allowed to join the session again but she was sent to her desired vacation.

Last Days of Sugar Babe Horse
All the people even innocent children also have a strong belief in her because of her friendly behaviour. Two days ago before her passing, Sugar Babe Horse was to be used as a therapy horse at the age of 41. A little girl of 4 was the last rider with her many medical issues, and she was very afraid and didn’t want to ride except Sugar Babe Horse. After the death of that sweet girl, her mother sent a letter to the staff of KSRP and thanked especially Sugar Babe for giving her daughter so much recreation just before her death.

During the inspiring time of her services, Sugar Babe Horse attracted the people with her calm, gentleness and willing nature because clearly, she had gained what she wanted to find. Her job was tough, but it was her profession which she performed quite honestly and actively.