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Sugar Babe Honey Bunch

It is slightly worrying that my Sugar Babe Honey Bunch’s mother wasn’t born when the Four Tops released the song that gave her the nickname (I know it was Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch but I got it wrong the first time I said it and it stuck from there). The age difference between Sugar Babe Honey Bunch and I could be seen as terrifying but to paraphrase the song “I love her and nobody else”.

Finding Sugar Babe Honey Bunch

I work a 50 hour week despite being 70 and owning the company. I love my work and it consumes me but it does not give me a lot of time to find love. Everywhere I socialised I would find couples or widows and it depressed the hell out of me. I may be 70 but I feel 20. Sugar Babe Honey Bunch actually is 20 and as such the two of us get on like a house on fire! What most people don’t really realise is that all guys are actually just teenagers trapped in whatever body they are wearing. My body may be 70 but it is in as good condition as most 40 year olds but inside my head I am still 20. Finding changed my life. I thought that I was odd and a bit dirty for wanting to chase women the age of my Sugar Babe Honey Bunch but I am not. Sugar Babe Honey Bunch and the other Sugar Babes on are exactly what guys like me want because this is what we think of ourselves when we close our eyes.

Sugar Babe Honey Bunch

My Sugar Babe Honey Bunch

Sugar Babe Honey Bunch is adorable and she too knows what she wants. I still work 50 hour weeks so the time I spend with her is precious to us both. We take in the best events, go to the top clubs and visit the finest hotels. When I am not with my Sugar Babe Honey Bunch she takes her friends out to lunch, goes shopping in New York or Paris, or visits the little spa I bought for her.

How my Sugar Babe Honey Bunch makes me feel
I have to admit that despite being extremely fit and healthy (and constantly confusing people about my age) I was beginning to feel my aches and pains by the end of the day. This old frame was beginning to get a little rough around the edges and despite having such a young man trapped in it I began to feel drawn to cardigans and comfy slippers.

Sugar Babe Honey Bunch gave me back my youth and filled me with energy. I am so lucky to have her in my life and I make sure that she knows it by denying her nothing.