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Sugar Babe Book


A User Handbook for Sugar Babies


Following years of being a successful, happy sugar baby, I’ve decided to write my first handbook. I’m calling it The Sugar Babe Book. It’s a guide to help sugar babies unite with their perfect sugar daddies, giving them tips and tricks to make their first, and every subsequent meeting equally memorable…

Sugar Babe Book – Rule #1

Keep it real, but keep it charming. Think Richard Gere and Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman. Now, they were charming every step of the way. But when Julia’s character, Vivian, was angry, she was angry or sad or vulnerable. She was authentic, not phony, but the charm remained through the whole movie. Her emotions made her lovable but her charm made her stay lovable. How about Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella? Think about it, those childhood fairy tales were sugar daddy relationships which, luckily included a lot of love from both sides, daddy and baby. How did Belle and Cindy do it? Charm, baby. Lots of charm. Enter and exit all your Daddy relationships with your charm intact, and remember it is your most powerful tool which no one has power over, but you.

Sugar Babe Book – Rule #2

Get your sexy on. Being a princess is all fine and good, but Daddies (most of them) like big girls who don’t need a man to plan every single part of their day around them. Daddies dig Babies that have it together. They find power sexy, too. They want someone who is more or less their equal, although they may not admit this. If you like your Daddy and he makes you happy you must keep him by knowing your power and staying in it.

Sugar Babe Book – Rule #3

Know your Daddy. It isn’t all just about you, honey. Is your prince a toad? Relax. Remember your charm. If your Daddy is not stacking up on some level, remember you are not bound to him and there are other Daddies out there that are better suited to you. The great thing about Sugar Daddy relationships is that you never have to be stuck if you don’t want to be.sugar babe book Look elsewhere and stay classy when letting your Daddy go. Remember, even if you don’t believe it’s true – what goes around, comes around.

Sugar Babe Book – Rule #4

On that note, be a charming loser. Let’s say you find your Mr. Fabulous. He’s handsome, rich, keeps your motor running, makes you laugh, and takes you places. Mom would love him. Out of the blue, he dumps you. If you have ever watched any episode of the Bachelor, you will know that when they get dumped it is the charming, classy Bachelorette that gets the love. Nice girls finish last? I think not.

My Sugar Babe Book has even more rules, to be sure. They will be featured in my Sugar Babe Book Chapters II – VI with a second Sugar Babe Book edition available in the near future. Thanks for reading, and stay charming.