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sugar babe group

I had been a sugar babe for around a year when I found that there was a little something missing from my life. My sugar daddy was amazing and our life together was perfect but I needed just a little more. I logged onto and had a look around, not at other guys but just in general. It was then that I realised what was missing and it was friendship with peers. In the social circles my sugar daddy and I move in there aren’t many other sugar babes so I sometimes feel a little odd. My sugar daddy takes care of me and keeps me included at all times but…

…I feel so selfish as he is amazing but I just needed some girlfriends so I started my own sugar babe group. My sugar babe group started small but it grew quickly. When I told my sugar daddy about the sugar babe group he was delighted and bought me a bistro in Knightsbridge where we could meet up and swap stories.

sugar babe group

The Bistro for my sugar babe group

Nothing is too much for my sugar daddy so when I asked if we could convert the upstairs of my new bistro into a spa he got it finished in a week! It is amazing and I am so fulfilled my sugar daddy allows me to take as big or little an interest in the running of the bistro as I want and it allows me to meet up with my sugar babe group as often as I like. The sugar babe group has grown beyond a simple meet up to being a venue for sugar babes to get together, share stories and generally hang out.

The future for my sugar babe group

Last week my sugar daddy took me to Miami for the sun whilst he had to do some business. All along our street I could see the compounds where other sugar babes were being treated by their sugar daddies. It struck me that they were all like me and I told my sugar daddy so when he got back from work. Next week we will be looking for venues in Miami, New York, Paris and Dubai to open up new bistros so that I can have a sugar babe group in every city we travel to.

I love my sugar daddy and I am so lucky that I found him on as he has changed my life and given me all that I deserve. I cannot understand why anyone would not want to be a sugar babe as my life is so perfect. Thank you sugar daddy.