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Rich Dad Quotes

Rich Dad Quotes – dating a sugar daddy

Have you ever read some rich dad quotes online and wondered: What does it take to meet the right guy? What does it mean to land a stable breadwinner? What would you do to get a hold of the ever-popular sugar daddy? Well, chances are you are reading this article because you’ve found out about the whole rich dad quotes lifestyle and want to get a piece of the pie! I don’t blame you, honey. It can be a rough world out there, hard to pay bills, save up or just make normal, basic ends meet. The thing about rich dad quotes is that it is a great way to peer into the world of sugar baby/sugar daddy dating and the whole lifestyle attached to this interaction. Finding a rich dad quotes hopeful will surely help you get out of whatever financial rut you are in, to say the least. Now, let’s take a break here and get back to the basics. You might be asking yourself: “what on earth are rich dad quotes hopefuls and what is sugar daddy/sugar baby dating?” A great question to ask!

Rich dad quotes – spoiled by a sugar daddy

rich dad quotes

rich dad quotes

Well, for starters, a sugar daddy is usually an older man, a mature man who has a lot to show for. He is a successful businessman, has a fully functioning family, assets and connections to boot! But there is one thing that the sugar daddy does not have, a younger slice of the life-pie. He has practically everything, but the rich dad quotes sugar daddy does not have time, he cannot control time and he cannot go back to those fateful days where he was younger, had a full set of hair and the women he was dealing with were all young and fresh too, somewhat like yourself I would assume.

This is where you come in, his sugar baby is there to lead him on and reassure him that he can still be in the presence of younger women. Just the sight of a fresh, young female can do wonders to the male psyche. But really it’s not all about looks, having a fun; young person to hang out with is just sometimes all a rich dad quotes hopeful really wants. He wants this level of inter-generational courtship or friendship and he’ll be happy to reward you for sticking with him. That’s it. That’s the whole rich dad quotes sugar daddy/sugar baby dynamic. So, what do you think? Do you still have what it takes to get hitched, be at his beck and call, and be on your way towards earning a healthy amount of money? Let’s do it, I’ll help you along the way!

The Rich Dad Quotes Fun Time!

Hotels, motels, yachts, cruises, resorts, balls, galas, events, operas, the list goes on and on my friend! Why don’t you go online for a minute and search around the web for hot rich dad quotes and sugar daddy/sugar baby stories and videos? I’m sure you’ll come across a slew of interesting accounts of actual sugar babies and how they benefitted from the lucrative rich dad quotes game. You might be able to influence yourself to try the game out if you read more accounts like this one. Sometimes pictures, videos etc. are a good way to learn about something, but real-life accounts on a topic are always a good solution when searching for more information on a topic. This is going to be fun, trust me on it!

You could have the chance to go cruising around the Caribbean, relax in hot springs in Iceland or eat a marvelous Ethiopian dinner in the heart of Africa. The fun doesn’t start with fancy dinners, live parties and exclusive outings. You can have a lot of fun and excitement in other ways that were unprecedented in the 20th century. I’m talking about the social media age, viralism, and the advent of the personal camera/camcorder in our phones. With today’s technology and social media expectancies, a lot of people consider their online personas as strong as, or as important as their real life personas. We have the opportunity to put our lives up on the silver screen and it can be rewarding, revolutionary, and quite helpful. Just think about all of those Youtuber’s who are banking tones of cash every day just from the advertisements on their page alone!

Setting up your rich dad quotes dating page


This means that you have all the right in the world to create your own type of rich dad quotes sugar daddy/sugar baby dating page that’s all about revealing unto the world what the whole sugar dating game is all about. You’d end up somewhat like me, giving accounts and guides on rich dad quotes dating, except that I’m probably a little bit older than yourself, I didn’t grow up with Youtube at the ready so it’s not really my thing. Maybe you want to create a Snapchat account or Instagram account to depict your lucrative journeys. Basically, I’m saying do whatever it is that makes you happy in your efforts to show the world about your experiences in the rich dad quotes sugar daddy/sugar baby dating game!

You’re pretty much ready to tackle the real life rich dad quotes world knowing that there is a whole spectrum of ways to benefit from this dating dynamic. However, I’m now going to embark upon a lesson of sorts. I want to show you some of the pro tips that might help you become more successful in your rich dad quotes adventure!

Rich Dad Quotes Tips

Ok, this next part here is no laughing matter. What I’m about to divulge to you is top secret stuff that I’ve realized or accumulated throughout the years of rich dad quotes sugar baby dating.
The single most important aspect of rich dad quotes sugar baby/sugar daddy dating is discretion. You’ve probably heard about the secretive aspects of how a sugar daddy goes about in his daily life. These men are rich and powerful; they have connections and people in high places they must appease and vice-versa. We’re not talking about some Joe-Shmoe in his 20’s, working at Starbucks here!

We’re talking about a real successful businessman who has no time for shenanigans. If he senses some sort of shenanigans afoot, you can guarantee that that rich dad quotes hopeful will split! In order to keep Mr. Rich Dad Quotes at bay, you must respect his privacy and honor discretion wherever you can. This means making sure to get rid of any and all paper trails possible! Of course this is the 21st century, so those so-called “paper trails” are fairly digitized by now. When I speak of deleting all paper trails you can think of that as immediately getting rid of text messages, emails, chat logs, and even receipts you or he might have kept after a night out. You want to appear as invisible, courteous, and well mannered as possible when around, and dealing with your rich dad quotes counterpart.

Tip for becoming a successful sugar baby


Another successful tip I always feel happy telling a prospective sugar baby about is in regards to diversification. Just because you have one account on one particular site, there’s really nothing stopping you from having another account, another online persona on a different site. This is actually the best, most lucrative aspect of rich dad quotes sugar dating! I heard of an account where this one sugar baby had been given, as gifts, more than $14,000 a year from one sugar daddy alone.

In the USA, at least, it is illegal to claim more than $14,000 from a benefactor as gifts in one fiscal year. And this was only from 1 benefactor; the sugar baby actually had 3 other sugar daddies at her beck and call, all giving her different gifts under different arrangements. All told, she said she made more than $50,000 in one year form the 4 sugar daddies she had relationships with! That’s a lot of money! Sure you might be thinking, “but hey, you just said that you couldn’t claim more than $14,000 a year as a benefactor to a gift giver?” You’re right, this woman had actually ball-parked all of the assets, clothes, jewelry, direct deposits she had “earned” that year and that’s what had given her over $50,000 for that one year.


Rich dad quotes – making money from dating


So you see, it’s really easy to get as much as you can possible think of getting out of the ever-expanding rich dad quotes sugar dating game! When you diversify those bonds, you can expect to take in a lot from a number of different and willing rich dad quotes hopefuls. Remember that some websites cater to different audiences. Some sugar daddies are younger than others, some sugar daddies, from certain cities or areas, have particular political leanings that other cities or areas do not have. Maybe you’re an urban lady; maybe you appreciate the quite, rural life. In any event, you need some help – that’s a given.

When you’ve gotten your feet wet with your first rich dad quotes hopeful, it will become that much more easy to understand how to land other, more exciting, different, and financially stable rich dad quotes hopefuls. Who knows how many dads you will end up influencing. All I know is that the power rests in your hands so be sure to get as much as you possibly can out of this whole ordeal. Remember though, have fun!

Rich Dad Quotes Guide

Ok, now I’m going to tell you a little bit about what makes an absolutely perfect rich dad quotes online profile.

It all starts with your profile description. This section is reserved for you to let Mr. Potential know a LITTLE bit about yourself. I’ve capitalized LITTLE because way too many sugar babies get carried away with trying to spill out everything they can possibly think to say about themselves. It’s quite annoying, and quite frankly, unattractive. Spend your time rigorously going over what you have written, time and time again – I’m serious! A rich dad quotes hopeful will spot shoddy penwomanship and will likely discard your profile immediately. Proofread yourself, edit yourself, and get a friend to tell you more about yourself. You’re talking about yourself here, so be honest, shed some light unto the matter, and really try to say as much as you can, with as little words as possible. Refinement is the key. Treat your profile description section like it was a resume.

You want to be able to come back to the description, adjust it, rearrange it etc. You may even come up with the clever idea of creating a rich dad quotes profile description folder where you can pick and choose attributes based on the type of rich dad quotes hopefuls you wish to appease!
And finally, we get to talk about your image, your online image that is baby! When it comes to selecting the perfect portfolio, you should treat it like you treated writing your profile description. This means refining the list, going back cutting out photos you find unflattering, even taking new photos. Go out at length to get a friend to take a photo of you.


Rich dad quotes every sugar baby should remember


The most important thing for any sugar baby to do to remain successful is to get a variety of different photos. This sugardating game is full of healthy competition, so make sure you look your best socially, alone, with friends etc. You want a few photos with friends, a few professional or dinner night type photos, and also a few adventurous/nature photos wont hurt at all. When you think about it, if you include one type of photo from the above-mentioned types, then you will have a solid portfolio that any sugar daddy will take a second look at! Remember to set your main profile pic as the most sexually persuasive. Men are like animals, most of them, and a simple flash of a little skin goes a long way, trust me! So, there it is, you are now ready to tackle the sugardating world, enjoy it baby.