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Opposite of Sugar Daddy

Opposite of sugar daddy – the art of spoiling women

What exactly is the opposite of sugar daddy? My life is amazing as I am rich, powerful and I’ve got a 21 year old wife who loves me dearly and who I adore to spoil rotten. The other day we were flying in my private jet to our property in Tunisia when she looked at me over her crystal champagne glass and asked “what is the opposite of sugar daddy?”I was quite taken aback as I’d never really given it any thought. What is the opposite of sugar daddy, I wondered. I thought on it a while.

Opposite of sugar daddy – what is meant by that?

opposite of sugar daddy

opposite of sugar daddy

The question that jumped to mind for me was quite a simple one; what exactly did my sugar babe mean by the opposite of sugar daddy? So I asked her “What exactly do you mean by that? When you say the opposite of sugar daddy do you mean a rich older woman, a poor young guy or a sugar babe?”

This threw her and she fell silent for a long while. “I guess I don’t mean what is the term for the opposite of sugar daddies but what the opposite of sugar daddy would actually be.”

Debating the opposite of sugar daddy

We both sipped our champagne and looked out of the window of the jet for a little while. I decided that I should kick off the debate “What do you think the opposite of sugar daddy is then?”

I watched as she slowly chewed her caviar and thought about it. How much I love to watch her eat as her beautiful lips pout and flex in the most sexy ways!

“I think that it is a poor young man, surely? Those guys I was dating before I met you who thought that luxury was getting me blackcurrant in my pint of snakebite.”

I found it hard to argue with this as it made total sense. Those strange boys she used to fend off were about as much the opposite of me as you could get.

“What about cougars though?” I asked (simply to keep the conversation going). “Rich old women are in another way the opposite of me.”

This gave my darling something to think about but suddenly she seemed upset.

“Why are you bringing cougars up again?” She pouted gorgeously and looked like a spoilt brat denied her toy. “That is twice you’ve mentioned them now. Anyone would think that you have a thing for old, wrinkly and rich women rather than for your sugar babe!”

My sexy vixen crawled across the table to me pouting all the way. As I tried to reply she pounced on me with a giggle and we tumbled to the floor. As we renewed our membership of the Mile High Club I thought to myself that I didn’t care what the opposite of sugar daddy was; all I cared about was how lucky I was to be one.