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Rich connoisseur – How I met my sugar daddy

Rich connoisseur = Sugar Daddy ?As a clerical officer I earned enough to pay my bills and have one night out with the girls every fortnight. I shopped in the local supermarket and bought most of my clothes from Primark. I spent weekends walking around the shops in the fancy arcades looking at all the things I would never be able to afford. Then six weeks ago I found the website

rich connoisseur

I Met my rich connoisseur Online

It talked about how a young, beautiful woman could get herself a Sugar Daddy who would give her the kind of life I’d always dreamed of having. As I looked at my dingy flat I realised the answer to all my problems was just a click away. I wanted my very own rich connoisseur. I registered that very night posting a photo of me taken at my 21st birthday party which was the last time I got to wear my prom dress to a night out.

My American rich connoisseur

The following day I kept checking my emails – nothing. Maybe I wasn’t pretty enough. Maybe I wasn’t what a rich connoisseur was looking for. Maybe I should have posted the photo of me in a bikini. Then just before midnight there it was.

He was an American producer over in London on business and wondered if I would like to attend his latest film premiere the following week. Yippee I had my very own rich connoisseur. I got back to him right away and said I would love to go but I didn’t think I had anything appropriate to wear. My rich connoisseur told me that I didn’t have to worry my pretty little head about anything. He would take care of it all.

rich connoisseur

Two days later I was contacted by a private shopper to arrange a visit to one of the stores I was too scared even to go into. Who needs a Fairy Godmother when you have a rich connoisseur? True to his word rich connoisseur (Sugar daddy)had arranged it all. I spent a fabulous three hours being waited on hand and foot and came out with the most gorgeous evening gown, shoes and bag.

On the day of the premiere a taxi arrived at my door to take me to the beauty salon and that night a limousine took me to the premiere where rich connoisseur was waiting with a diamond necklace. Now a month later I’m having my first trip to the good old USA.