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Passion-killers to avoid in your relationships

When we are in a relationship or getting to know someone we like, there are certain things that we must look out for. In an attempt to seduce the other person, we can make mistakes. Many times these mistakes might not get the reaction we were expecting from the other person. Sometimes even the opposite. Those kinds of things are what we call passion-killers, certain attitudes that frighten others away.

But, of course, these “passion killing” habits can always be avoided. All we have to do is realize and change them.

That’s why we’re going to tell you what are the most “passion killing” habits for people, according to a study made by the American sex toy store

10 passion-killers to avoid:

A storm is coming! A metaphor for what passion-killers can to do your relationship

1. Poor hygiene

2. Being rude to service personnel

3. Eating with your mouth open

4. Flirting with other people

5. Talking about ex-partners

6. Being arrogant

7. Talking too much or not listening

8. Dressing badly

9. Being insecure

10. Seeing things only through your point of view

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Of course, the opinion about what is and what is not a passion-killer also depends on the culture and the person. However, it is never too much to reflect on certain habits, especially if you’ve just met the Sugar Daddy or the Sugar Baby of your dreams.

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