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ONLINE SUGAR DATING – A easy way to find Sugar Daddy

The online sugar dating industry has become really popular in the last several years. A lot of blogs and newspaper have written articles about online sugar dating. This means, most women in her 20s or 30s are aware of the online sugar dating lifestyle. The question this woman is asking herself is how can she get money from a rich man and have her bills paid?

Online Sugar Dating – Creating your perfect profile

First of all, let’s begin with the details, the ration of women looking for rich sugar daddies on online sugar dating websites is 7 to 1. This just shows the kind of competition that’s out there for women, in order to catch the attention of a rich sugar daddy, your online sugar dating profile needs to be very unique.

Avoid clichés completely. These include statements like, “I have a great personality”, “I am a lot of fun”, “I love going out” and the likes. Every girl has these on their profile. Rather than saying you are fun, show it with phrases like “I love travelling overseas”. What rich sugar daddies complain most about is that the pictures young women put up on online sugar dating sites are too vague. Do not put up pictures that make it difficult to tell who you really are or what you actually look like. An example is a group photo with your girlfriends, a photo where you have large sunglasses on, or those very annoying duck faces we make all the time, just don’t.

How exactly do you stand out then? Do not write your entire life story on the online sugar dating profile. If it is too long, no one will bother reading it, but you also don’t want to be too brief that he will forget you the moment he moves on to the next profile. Be specific about your best traits that make you different. Like if you can speak 4 different languages, put it out there. Put it in such a way that is memorable but mysterious at the same time. Project confidence.

A good online sugar dating profile must have at least 3 pictures. A full body photo, a selfie and a ¾ photo. You should look good in all the three, but find a balance between looking like a prostitute and looking too innocent, put up some sexy and tasteful photos of yourself. Consider putting up other photos that show you enjoying one of the hobbies that you have mentioned. You at an exotic location, at the beach, holding your pet, laughing with your girlfriends, etc.

Remember, you need, to be honest. Rich men can detect nonsense from a distance so be honest and specific about what you want. Do you want to be just friends? Do you want a weekly, or monthly allowance? A relationship? Do you have kids? Want something leading to marriage? Make it clear. Do not alleviate anything. The last thing you or your rich sugar daddy want is a misunderstanding in the kind of arrangement that you want. Also, sex should not be the only thing you can give back. Any woman can do this. What else do you have to offer apart from sex?
This is your chance to determine what kind of first impression rich men will make of you. Make it count!

online sugar dating

online sugar dating

Online Sugar Dating – Getting into it

A lot of online sugar dating sites out here encourage men and women meeting up in real life and forging a relationship from there. But honestly, it can be scary for a young woman to go on a real-life date with a rich older man, let alone negotiating or spending days away at some location with a man. This is really understandable if she is considering her safety. No woman should not get herself into any situation that makes her feel unsafe. She takes risks everyday dating the regular guys so why would she take chances with a man she just wants to spoil her?

However, if you are looking for an online sugar dating arrangement with no intention of meeting these rich men in person, you might have to deviate from the popular online sugar dating sites to different websites. Pay attention to some cheap websites that have fake sugar daddies who will demand pictures of you and offer nothing. Choose the best-rated sugar daddy websites that can detect any fake profiles and delete them.
That said, let’s get to the real deal. Though not too many out there, there are rich sugar daddies that do not really want to meet up but are just willing to spoil you. These rich guys just want to keep it electronic, phone calls, skype, face time, and the likes. Here are some of the things that you should keep when you have an online only dating arrangement.

• Be open minded.
The online sugar dating websites are full of different individuals who have different preferences. Some of these online only sugar daddies are submissive and have different demands. So if you find one who is, do your research thoroughly about the BDSM lifestyle. It might not be your kind of thing after all. So do your research and know what it is that you want to do and are comfortable with actually doing.
Some of the rich sugar daddies on these online sugar dating sites do not even want sex. Sometimes they just want to talk to you. In such cases, you must learn to be a good listener.

• Payment method.
Since it is an online only arrangement, you need a way through which your rich sugar daddy will be sending you money. There are a lot of payment options out there. Google +, PayPal and the rest. Just do your research and select what you feel will work best for you. I would recommend that you choose something discrete just for your own safety.

• Safety
With online payment methods, your rich man will need your phone number. This is where a burner phone comes in handy. A cheap, temporary and disposable phone number. Get a burner specifically for your online sugar dating plus all those random guys who just won’t leave you alone. Makes it easier for you to just get rid of him when you decide not to talk to him anymore. You do not want someone from the internet, you haven’t met, having your personal number.
The same applies to your email address. Set up a new email in whatever name you want it. You do not want a stranger having access to your personal email.

Online Sugar Dating – Meeting your sugar daddy

Let’s be honest, you are not going to get rich from being an online only sugar baby. No rich man is going to send you £1000 for phone calls and videos. And besides, it is going to take a lot of time for you to convince a man from an online sugar dating site to send you money without meeting you. However, if you are a high-end sugar baby, you can make a lot of money by just going on a date.

So, you registered on a good online sugar dating site like and found the type of rich man you wanted. The two of you have been taking a lot on the online sugar dating site for some time and you both feel comfortable with meeting each other in real life, so you set up a date. But you have never gone on a date with a sugar daddy before so, what do you do next? How do you prepare? Here some tips on the same.

• Dressing.
There is a place and time for every outfit. If you are just starting out on online sugar dating, you do not have all the money to spend on the expensive dressing. However, you still have to look like arm candy. You have to dress well even if your clothes are cheap. You can still look good. Some women sometimes wear tatters to a date as a way of persuading your potential sugar daddy to buy you better clothes. This doesn’t send the right message. Rich sugar daddies are looking for women who can stand on their own two feet. Before they are they start dating. Dress to the occasion. You can’t wear jeans and a t-shirt if you’re going for a dinner date. With shoes, a girl never goes wrong with wearing heels when meeting her potential sugar daddy.

• What to carry.
Perfume. Have a signature scent that’s mature that will get you man’s attention. The right kind of attention.
Lip balm and gum. Soft lips are a must have to a great make out. Same goes for fresh breath. This where gum comes in. you cannot afford to have your breath smell like garlic after a garlic filled meal.
Pepper spray. Now you will not really need this on your date but just to feel safer, have it in your handbag. You are meeting this guy who says he is rich for the first time. Who knows what he could turn out to be?
A portable charger. You are going on a date with a man you have never met before and the last thing you want is being stuck with a dead phone late at night.
Money. You could go to a cash only bar, need a cab ride back home, you need to tip, or an emergency situation could come up. Have some money with you.

• Your allowance.
If you are expecting an allowance, you should not bring up the topic on your first date. You should make this clear on your online sugar dating site profile and discuss it before you meet. He might not be okay with giving an allowance. So ask before you meet. Don’t expect to be given money on the first date but if he wants to give you some cash or a gift, he will do it. If not, you can bring it up later at another date.

• Conversation points.
Sugar daddies are more mature guys than the women they meet as sugar babies. So, the party talk and general conversation that you normally have with the guys your age will not work in this case. Talk about things that both of you can relate to easily. You can introduce conversation topics like food, restaurants, and careers, among others.
It is also good to note the topics that you should avoid or ignore whenever they come up. For example, previous relationships, potential sugar daddies to not want to know the men their women have slept with. Besides, do not ask him how much he makes on your first meeting. You cannot just be here to find out how much money he has. Avoid any topics that can lead to disagreements on the first date.

Online Sugar Dating – Don’t get in touch with “salt daddies”!

Lastly, be on the lookout for salt daddies on online sugar dating websites. Salt daddies are men who fake being generous just to get young women to like them. Men who say they will do all these things for you but they have no intention of ever doing so. They just want to get you to have sex with them. They will do anything to convince you about how rich they are including lying about how much money they make. So how do you know a salt daddy on an online sugar dating site? Men who offer a fixed price for a one-time meeting and those who do not want to talk about money at any point are red flags.
However, some women confuse this with men who do not agree to give an allowance in online sugar dating sites. This does not mean that a man is a salt daddy. He probably just wants to spoil you girl. Be it trips to different countries, gifts, expensive dates and all, without feeling like it is a purely money oriented arrangement. Just give him a chance.

Now you have a better understanding of how online sugar dating works. Ge get you some sugar and remember to stay safe!