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My first sugar daddy

My first sugar daddy

My first sugar daddy – from a former sugar baby.

Sugar daddy dating is something that more and more women are considering going for it. There are so many questions that a sugar baby new to the game asks herself. You may read all the articles there are about sugar daddy dating but still, have unanswered questions. You know who can give you all the sugar information you need, A former sugar baby.

my first sugar daddy
I met up with a former sugar baby called Kellen. Kellen has been a sugar baby for 6 years before quitting to become an actress. Here is what she had to say.

I recall my first sugar daddy experience like it was yesterday. Finding a sugar daddy for me was not so hard because I had friends who had done it before. They told me to try finding my first sugar daddy online. All I had to do was find a good quality and reputable sugar dating site that suited me. There are some sites that are full of scammers. People who create fake profiles with fake information and details like their income.

I found my first sugar daddy

And we talked about having a physical date. I was so nervous going into the date. I had no idea how to act in front of him or what to wear. All I knew is that I was ready to meet my first sugar daddy and enjoy the benefits.

My first sugar daddy date was a lavish dinner in a well-known spot. It was a good night. He brought me some flowers and chocolate and I must say it was impressive. My friend had given me some advice and they worked like magic.

Tip number one she said was making eye contact.
I looked into his eyes but not in a flirting way not creepy. Tip number two that I used a lot on my fist sugar daddy is body contact. My first sugar daddy enjoyed my company so much because I would touch his hand once in a while during our interactions.

Sugar daddies are wealthy and affluent men who are looking to have some fun with younger women. In return, a sugar baby gets gifts and anything she asks for. I was so happy to ask my first sugar daddy for stuff and he kept his word. Being a sugar baby can be very exciting but do not forget to play your part in the relationship. Good sugar babies get a lot from their sugar daddies she added.

My first sugar daddy introduced me to a famous producer in a private party. That is how I landed my first role in a movie and six years later have no regrets. Sugar babies should not ask for just basic things from their sugar daddy. I Knew that my first sugar daddy date would be worth it and it was.