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In Love With My Sugar Daddy

My Sugar Daddy – The Cat’s Meow
I didn’t plan to fall in love with my sugar daddy. Honestly, I didn’t even believe it was at all possible, since I have a habit that some men find off-putting.

in love with my sugar daddy

In Love With My Sugar Daddy – Not a Chance

Okay. Perhaps, not a habit and more of a lifestyle choice. I live in a neighbourhood where feral cat colonies roam the streets. Since I work for an animal shelter and have access to free spaying and neutering services, I trap the cats in my spare time using cages and take them to the shelter to get them fixed. Once the target cat is trapped securely in its cage, I keep it home and feed it while it hisses and spits at me, until I can take it to work for surgery. Once kitty is recovered, we try to find them homes if they are tame enough, or return them to the street since they can no longer procreate. Through this process I have accumulated seven cats, which reside with me in my apartment.

In Love With My Sugar Daddy – Not Very Likely

Working at the shelter wasn’t exactly paying the bills, as I also had seven hungry mouths to feed. I definitely didn’t set out to be a cat collector or, gulp, a cat lady, or to fall in love with my sugar daddy, for that matter. But the poor cats were unadoptable as well as being unfit for the streets. I decided to see if sugar daddy dating could help with the cat supply costs since humanely trapping the cats was already a part time job, as well as working full time at the shelter. I met Fantasyman174 five months ago. When I told him I liked cats he told me he liked cats, too. When I told him I had seven cats he didn’t go to the washroom and climb out the window. He told me he liked sports and I told him I did too. The truth is that I can stomach sports, and that’s about it.

Some men have told me that I’m odd. To me, those men lack passion and substance. Mom always told me that for every square hole, there is a square peg. I didn’t expect to fall in love with my sugar daddy; ours was a business arrangement, just how I wanted it. But I started noticing that James did not show disdain for my passion for cats; he found it endearing and has made sure their needs are well taken care of.
In Love With My Sugar Daddy – An Evolution

If the old me might have been a little bit uptight, James has certainly helped me to loosen up. For instance, now I only have three cats since James’ friends have adopted four: Winky, Charlie, Stevie and Tibbles. I would have never given up those cats, I’m afraid, before I fell in love with my sugar daddy, but they are in happy homes. In the end, I actually didn’t hate sports anymore, because they reminded me of James. That was the magic of falling in love with my sugar daddy.