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Mademoiselle vs Sugar Daddy – Myths to be busted

Mademoiselle vs Sugar Daddy – Sex is Mandatory

Sex is usually part and parcel of relationships, however sexual intimacy between Mademoiselle vs Sugar Daddy is not mandatory. Thus, a sugar relationship may or may not involve sex at some stage or point of time. In fact, the truth is that not all sugar daddies want sexual participation from their mademoiselles.

In fact, they are many older men who derive genuine happiness and satisfaction simply from the companionship of a beautiful, young and compatible mademoiselle. Just like how marriage is founded on understanding between the couple, so also a sugar arrangement is founded on the specific needs of the two individuals involved, and sex can be exempted from it.

Mademoiselle vs Sugar Daddy

Mademoiselle vs Sugar Daddy

Mademoiselle vs Sugar Daddy – Sugar Dating is Nothing Like Normal Dating

This is definitely one myth that needs to be busted. Whilst sugar dating is different from regular or conventional dating in certain ways, it does not mean that it is ‘nothing like normal dating’! Just like normal dating, Mademoiselle vs Sugar Daddy evaluate whether or not they ‘click’ together in the initial stage of dating. They spend time and energy getting to know one another and finding out the quirks and desires of each other. Of course, just like regular dating, break up may also be on the cards in case of couples who do not click well and aren’t compatible.

Mademoiselle vs Sugar Daddy – Sugar Daddy is Old, Off-Putting and Married

This cannot be further from the truth for Mademoiselle vs Sugar Daddy. Not all sugar daddies are old and invalid, there are plenty of young sugar daddies who are just in their 30s and prefers to have sugar dates instead of normal dates because the former goes better with their busy lifestyles. Moreover, regular dating is a lot of drama and expectations, which is not something that these entrepreneurs or self-made businessmen would want to deal with. You’ll be surprised to learn that there are so many sugar daddies who have achieve the multi-millionaire status even before they reached the age of 30! Also, not all sugar daddies are married, some of them are simply single or divorced. After all, this kind of setup does not exclusively belong to married men!

Mademoiselle vs Sugar Daddy – Sugar Dating Has to Be Secretive

We do not live in the dark ages anymore, sugar dating and Mademoiselle vs Sugar Daddy are not something that is unheard of. Today, there are plenty of sugar dating websites out there like and people are well aware of this modern concept of dating. In fact, today people openly embrace the sugar dating lifestyle because it works for them, i.e. sugar daddies and sugar babies. Therefore, it doesn’t have to be secretive. In fact, some married sugar daddies also have their wives’ consents for the same!