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We have the sugar dating 101 advice for all you newbies out there. If you are just venturing into the sugar daddy and baby world then you have probably already caught onto the fact that dates are the first step towards a companionship. Read below to find out what to expect on first and second dates.

Sugar Dating 101 – First Date

Here is a rundown on sugar dating 101 and what to expect on the first date. After you have asked your desired companion out on a first date and they have accepted it is important to choose the right location. Make it somewhere cozy but somewhere that is impressive. Take your date out for a five course meal and maybe even buy her a gift. Don’t talk about allowances and complicated things but simply get to know one another before taking things further. Make sure you pick your date up, drop them off and wish them goodnight. If you want to be extra romantic then send a message after you leave your date at home to say what a wonderful time you had.


Sugar Dating 10sugar dating 101 – Invite for a second date

Here is our sugar dating 101 advice on how to about a second date. If on the first date your heart was captured and you want a second then go for something totally different. Send an invite for something out of this world. Maybe a day in Paris? Maybe send some hotel and plane tickets as a surprise? Be creative and be fun. Don’t go out on that dinner and movie date but do something that your date would never have thought of. Leave some time in-between dates otherwise you will look too keen and this is a major off putter. Maybe take one of your dates interests or hobbies into account and go skiing, skydiving or something else that is equally outrageous.

Sugar Dating 101 – How to say No
If you don’t want to go on another date then check out our sugar dating 101 advice on how to say no.

If the first date was a bit of a disaster and you want to decline for a second date then be clear but let them down gently. Try sending a message, say you had a great time but you don’t think you are fitting for one another and would like to leave it at that. It is better to be honest than to waste each others time. If you feel like you enjoyed it but aren’t sure about a second date then say you are busy for the text two weeks with friends and family and give yourself some breathing time. Be yourself and have fun!