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Is Sugar Daddy Legal?

Is sugar daddy legal? Honestly I bet a lot of you have thought about this! The short answer is yes it is completely legal, and a way of having a relationship that is becoming more well known. A lot of people do not really understand the concept of a sugar daddy / sugar babe, and this is why they ask the question is sugar daddy legal?

Is sugar daddy legal? – Firstly what is it?

A sugar daddy is generally a rich older man. A sugar babe is the younger person who embarks on a relationship with the sugar daddy. So when you ask is sugar daddy legal, you can see that it is just a different kind of relationship.

Is sugar daddy legal? – Why is it not illegal?
What is illegal about it? I understand that if money, gifts and sex are involved, then it can be understood that some people will ask is sugar daddy legal? Where it would become illegal is obviously if people were underage.
There are many websites dedicated to the sugar daddy lifestyle, and there is a wealth of information out there on the internet. People who ask is sugar daddy legal, have probably not done some actual research into the matter. A lot of the sugar daddy / sugar babe relationships, will just be about companionship which is perfectly legal.

is sugar daddy legal

The answer for the question “is sugar daddy legal?”

Is sugar daddy legal? – Why is it not more mainstream?

It is still a very unknown and misunderstood relationship. Some people may still think that the rich men are taking advantage of the younger people. In fact both parties are really taking advantage of each other, and loving their time together as a result.

So, in conclusion is sugar daddy legal? Yes it completely is. It is a consensual relationship which both parties know what they are getting into, and it is often an ongoing relationship.
Hopefully now you wont be asking yourself is sugar daddy legal again. Go dome some research and you will be pleasantly surprised.