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Exclusivity in a Sugar Relationship

In conventional relationships, it is common that once the couple assumes the relationship, it is automatically a closed one. Sad, but also common, is that eventually one of the partners ends up cheating the other. A Sugar Relationship is anything but conventional. However, one of its main characteristics is its transparency. In this way, how can one negotiate the level of exclusivity in a Sugar Relationship?

Exclusivity Assumptions

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When we don’t know something, it’s common to simply presuppose it. The problem with that is that you can assume completely opposite things:

  1. that the relationship will be exclusive from the beginning;
  2. that the relationship will be open from the beginning

Simply assuming can cause damage to the relationship. In case 1, if the assumption is false, the Sugar Baby may end up missing the chance to meet other Sugar Daddies, increase their income and experience new things. But if the assumption is false in case 2, the Sugar Daddy may have expected exclusivity from her and feel betrayed when he finds out that she has others. But, reflecting further, is it okay to just assume that the other person will be faithful from the first date?

Out of sight, out of mind

A girl thinking about exclusivity in a Sugar Relationship

There is a strategy called “don’t ask, don’t tell” (in summary, it is about not asking neither telling anything). In practice, this means saying nothing about parallel relationships and maintaining other relationships (Sugar or not) at the same time until one of the two takes the initiative to touch on the subject.

At first, this option may sound good and comfortable. But what if you find out about something that doesn’t please you after some time of relationship? This could be the end. That is why we insist on the point: transparency should be key in any Sugar Relationship.

A transparent relationship

To call a relation ‘transparent’, the communication must also have this characteristic. In every contract, we try to find conditions that are advantageous for both parties. In other words, just because Sugar Daddy wants exclusivity, it does not mean that Sugar Baby has to accept this condition without negotiating. Both opinions count! And if he wants to impose conditions that you don’t like, it’s worth thinking about whether it wouldn’t be better to find another Sugar Daddy.

In summary, exclusivity in a Sugar Relationship is a matter of communication!!

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