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Cougar vs Sugar Daddy – the difference

Understanding cougar vs sugar daddy relationships

Sugar daddy dating and cougar dating has been considered unusual in the past years. Some people see these types of dating as unusual due to age difference, while others do not care. Cougar vs sugar daddy dating is not considered as something unusual anymore. It is normal to see an old man dating a young woman or and old woman dating a young man. What is the main difference of cougar vs sugar daddy dating? is a question many individuals would like to get a clear answer.

Cougar vs Sugar Daddy

Cougar vs Sugar Daddy

Understanding cougar vs sugar daddy relationship

Having a sugar daddy or cougar depends on the personality of an individual. Some people have issues dating a sugar daddy or mummy. Others enjoy the controlling nature of their old partners. However, dating a sugar daddy or mummy has an effect on the self esteem of both parties. This means cougar vs sugar daddy relationship is likely to come to an end if one partner feels his or her self esteem is being lowered.

Difference between cougar vs sugar Daddy

Understanding the difference between cougar vs sugar daddy is important. You will be aware of what you are getting into before hand. A cougar is defined as an old woman between the age of forty and sixty dating a young man. In cougar dating the woman feels young and attractive. She is also in control of her relationship and sexuality. On the other hand, the young man’s ego is boosted since he feels he has control of the relationship. Cougars do not show signs of insecurity which makes the young man feel he has control. Dating an experienced woman makes young men feel great. Having all financial problems solved is an advantage for any young man.

Sugar daddy relationships involve a young woman and an old rich man. A sugar daddy supports the young woman financially in exchange of companionship. Sugar daddies like dating young women since he is defined as a provider and financially stable by other people. A sugar babe will also rely on him not for cash only but also maturity. Young women like being with sugar daddies because they are guaranteed a luxury life free from emotional issues.

Cougar vs sugar daddy limitations

Cougar vs sugar daddy relationships face similar challenges. Whether you are a cougar or sugar daddy, expect misunderstanding, resentment or resistance from family members especially your children. Their main concern will be the age difference between you and your partner. Sugar babes also face disapproval by family members regarding the age of the cougar or sugar daddy. Illness is also a major challenge in sugar dating. Cougar or sugar daddy relationships end due to terminal illness affecting the elder partner.