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Channel 4 Sugar Daddy

Channel 4 Sugar Daddy – what you can expect


Channel 4 has filmed a documentary exploring the sugar daddy lifestyle of several people. The show particularly focuses on a university student in Essex who looks to the sugar daddy lifestyle in order to fund her way through university. The show is one in which brings laughs, but also looks at the dilemmas facing those in such relationships. Channel 4 sugar daddy documentary is definitely worth watching.
The sugar daddy relationship works as follows. Usually an older man with considerable disposable income seeks the company of a younger, glamorous lady. The company is usually funded by expensive gifts and clothes and experiences. For example, one newspaper article that explores the sugar daddy relationship talks of a lady receiving a £33,000 ring and an £8000 watch. Many ladies who get involved in a sugar daddy relationship look on it as a business deal. They know that investing in themselves, wearing a few hundred pounds dress could bring them a £10,000 gift. Very helpful when you have university tuition fees to pay just like in the channel 4 sugar daddy documentary.

Channel 4 Sugar Daddy

Channel 4 Sugar Daddy

Channel 4 sugar daddy – What about sex?


Channel 4 sugar daddy documentary suggests that this is the ultimate question when it comes to thinking about this sort of relationship. In most cases it seems that sex doesn’t happen. The usual focus of a sugar daddy relationship is more company and loyalty. The lady is expected to attend posh dinners, theatre performances and even participate in a round of golf when required, but sex does not always come into it. These sugar daddy’s are usually highly successful men who are simply looking for a focus and company way from their stressful work lives. Channel 4 sugar daddy documentary actually portrays sugar daddy’s in a positive way.

Channel 4 sugar daddy – Finding a sugar daddy


If you want to find a successful sugar daddy relationship, just like on channel 4 sugar daddy documentary, then the internet is an excellent place to start. There are many sugar daddy websites that specials entirely in finding people this sort of relationship. Of course, you do need to exercise the usual caution that you would with online dating. However, most sugar daddy relationships now start online. These websites give you the choice of people that are out there in order to find it easy to find some common interests. After all, the relationship needs to work. Most ladies who enter into such relationships are highly intelligent, just like the ladies who feature in channel 4 sugar daddy documentary. This is exactly the kind of lady that sugar daddy’s are looking for – someone who can hold an excellent, stimulating, intelligent conversation when they go out on a dinner date to a michelin started restaurant.

The sugar daddy relationship is mutually beneficial if exercised right. It was successful in channel 4 sugar daddy documentary. Make sure you set some ground rules and have fun.