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College Sugar Baby Life

College Sugar Baby Life – how to get somebody’s attention

Life does not get better than college sugar baby life! Just living in the moment and enjoying a college sugar baby life. Guys and girls are both on the prowl for a bit of sugar and spice. But that initial contact can make or break whether you crack that sugar baby lifestyle or crash and burn. In college everyone is taking the plunge.

A College Sugar Baby Life starts by waking up every morning checking your emails and apps. You want to see if the fantastic pick-up lines you used the previous night have worked. Are you on to the next step of wooing them on a date? If your words have worked: fantastic! If they have not: that is all part of an average day in college sugar baby life.

College Sugar Baby Life  – finding the perfect sugar daddy

College Sugar Baby Life

College Sugar Baby Life

The way to lure a College Sugar Baby Life changer is to scan the club looking for your ultimate sugar daddy and order them a drink to remember. Flash them a cheeky grin and depending on how many glasses of encouragement you have had you may even raise your eyebrows at them to say that you think they are extremely fit.

The lifestyle of a college sugar baby involves many come on’s by the sane and sober to the completely insane and extremely intoxicated. However being the recipient is one of the highlights of college sugar baby life. Remember, you are in the command seat. It is up to you not to screw it up. Being the recipient this is normally not the best time to keep eye contact and then take a sip of the drink through a straw. Why you ask?

Making money as a college sugar baby

This is the first big gamble of being a college sugar baby. If you miss the straw with your lips, you end up looking like a crazed person. If you get it right you are the sophisticated one. When sending a drink over, it is best sent with a cherry. If they eat the cherry and tie a knot in the stalk with their tongue you are on to the perfect college sugar baby life changing affair. Most people would be quite shocked by such skills leading to downing their drink and making their way to the bar and getting the conversation started on cherry stalk knot tying skills.

This is the weekly session of college sugar baby life being either the prowler or the cherry stalk tier.If it does not go well not to worry as being college sugar baby means partying until the early hours and then being up bright eyed and bushy tailed for your first lecture next morning.