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Body language: A sugar baby’s hip will never lie

In a previous chat we talked about how to impress a potential Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby, through activities to do together or topics to talk about. Here
instead, we want to focus on what we normally say with our body language if used wisely as well as what we do not want to say.

Be proud of the space you fill in

It does make it sometime a lot easier when you think of the animal world to understand what people’s reactions might be when you assume certain postures. Think of a rattlesnake or a racoon and they recoil themselves into “threatened mode”. You might never have met a racoon but the resceeding position will definitely send you the obvious message: “Be aware”! 
Therefore let’s try to move around in ways that allow us to take up more space to show confidence and power, instead of locking ourselves up making us small and threatened. Don’t take this so literally to the extent of bashing your hand against your date’s martini. That is not going to help. Raising your arms after a victory, for example, is an automatic gesture that we do when we feel powerful. Animals, such as the male peacock take up more space when they want to prove mating prowess. Again, there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance.

Be “SUAVE” – Speaking and moving at moderate pace

As opposed to sudden movements, moderate moves and speech will only add to the aura of  charming self confidence. Moreover, at small doses and at the right time, they also contribute to creating enough sexual tension to make you just irresistible! Just think about it: if you are not worried about time, you only ever more confident about the outcome of anything you set yourself to achieve. Even if that is just a belief within yourself, that is already a huge start. After all you cannot sell the idea of anything you cannot believe in.

Playing with your own hair

This is for you, Sugar Baby! Have you ever thought about how sexually charging playing with your hair is? And we cannot repeat it enough times: balance and subtlety, done from time to time, without exaggeration and at moderate pace. We definitely don’t want you go Madonna in “who’s that girl” all over your sugar daddy. 

Body and mind in unison 

Finally, let’s make sure to understand that the gestures we just talked about, are not only  helpful in terms of dates but also in any situation that might require you to show a degree of confidence. Let’s agree on this: what employer does not like to see his interviewee displaying the confidence that signals he knows what he or she is talking about?

Now that you know the importance of body language, it´s time to sugar up!