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sugar daddy lifestyle

Sugar Daddy Lifestyle – Would you Consider it?


The sugar daddy lifestyle is one that many people still don’t fully understand. What does it mean to me? The first thing I think about when thinking about a sugar daddy, is rich men! In fact rich, older, good looking men. The second thing I think about is free stuff! This could be in the form of gifts, (I’ve always wanted some Monolos), expensive food dates, and travel.

The person a sugar daddy chooses to have a relationship with, can be called a sugar babe or sugar baby. Yes the name doesn’t sound that great, but the sugar baby will gain a lot! This article will introduce you to the sugar daddy lifestyle, why having a sugar daddy may be for you, and why people choose the sugar baby life. Then I’ll ask you the question, would you, reader, consider a sugar daddy lifestyle?

The sugar daddy lifestyle explained.

sugar daddy looking for sugar baby

sugar daddy looking for sugar baby


The sugar daddy / sugar baby lifestyle! Well it’s not something many of you will consider on a day to day basis I’m sure. When you think of the sugar daddy lifestyle though, it opens up a whole host of questions. The main one I think being, what is the sugar daddy lifestyle?

Well, this is a type of relationship, which can include dating, sex, travel and potentially if you get on, you could even have marriage and create a baby! This may seem far fetched to you, but I assure you it has happened, and will do in the future. The sugar daddy lifestyle is considered an exclusive one. The sugar daddy will often have riches, and plenty of time to do what he wants with. Men choose to go into this relationship for many reasons;

1. They could genuinely want companionship.
2. They want to show a sugar baby attention.
3. They need the attention from the sugar baby.
4. They genuinely want a relationship.
5. They themselves want to see what the sugar daddy lifestyle is about.
6. They want to date a younger person.

So there you are, I’m sure there a whole host of other reasons, but the majority will fall into the above categories. The sugar daddy lifestyle therefore, can be many things. What a sugar baby expects can be set at the beginning of the relationship.

Let’s now take a look at two ways a sugar daddy lifestyle, could take when you’re the sugar baby.

1. The companionship lifestyle.

One day you will be sitting there, and you’ll get a phone call. It’s your sugar daddy calling, and he affectionately says, ‘right sugar baby, let’s go on a date tonight’. You agree and that night you are taken to an expensive restaurant. Whilst there he gives you a gift, which when opened, is a necklace. It’s not too bad being a sugar baby, you think to yourself, as he puts it around your neck. You spend the whole night talking, laughing and eating, generally having a fabulous time. Then you are taken home, given a kiss on the cheek, knowing that you will have another night of great companionship, again soon.

2. The luxury relationship.

So you have been the sugar baby for a little while now. Your sugar daddy calls, telling you to pack your bags ready for travel tonight. That night, you are met at the door and given two tickets to Rome. You and your sugar daddy board a plane, sipping champagne whilst you fly. Arriving in Rome, you both go to a restaurant, eating food and having a great time. After you retire to your hotel room, and the rest is up to you.

My point is that the sugar daddy lifestyle can often be whatever you want it to be. People are different, and every single human being is looking for something different. The sugar daddy and sugar baby will set expectations, right at the start. This means that everything that goes on after, will be mutually agreeable and there will be no surprises. See, being a sugar baby, and having the sugar daddy lifestyle, sounds ok doesn’t it?!

What will other people think about my sugar daddy lifestyle?

Ok, some people may not understand why you even want to entertain the idea, of a sugar daddy lifestyle. They may especially not enjoy you being called, a sugar baby. A lot of people still just don’t get it! They will think it is about an older man, pursuing younger prey for sex. In fact it is nothing like that, and a lot of sugar daddy lifestyle relationships work out very well indeed. This is for sugar daddy and sugar baby.

Just expect people to talk a little about you at first. It is unusual to many, and people will generally, be a little bit curious. If you are having any hostility at all, why don’t you say to them, do you want to know why I chose the sugar daddy lifestyle? Then you can explain it to them.

People don’t often trust what they don’t understand, I’m sure you have heard this said before. Education on the sugar daddy lifestyle is needed, so more people become attuned to it. Assure them that being a sugar baby is more, than just sitting around looking pretty, whilst an older man lavishes you with gifts. (honestly not that there’s much wrong with that). Let them know that both parties are getting something out of the relationship. You can also give them a list of pros and cons, to show them you have considered everything.


* You are in a mutually consensual relationship.
* Expectations are set from the start.
* The sugar daddy lifestyle is not just about sex, it is about companionship.
* You will be lavished with attention, as the sugar baby.
* You want the opportunity to try it.


* People may look at your relationship, with a suspicious eye.
* Your time may now be spent having attention lavished on you, so you may not have as much time as before.

One thing to assure your loved ones, is that you are not entering this lifestyle purely for the money. You as a sugar baby, are providing something whether it be companionship or dates. There are a lot of stigmas attached to the subject of sugar daddies, but it is literally just a different type, of relationship. Nothing dodgy!

The main thing though is why not try the sugar daddy lifestyle? Why not try to be a sugar baby and see what it is like? If you don’t try something, you will never know what it is like, and in my opinion, cannot give a correct judgement. It may not be that conventional but no relationship is perfect anyway, right?!

Where can I find out more about having, a sugar daddy lifestyle?

If you find you want more information, and maybe try being a sugar baby, and having a sugar daddy lifestyle, then there is a lot of help and advice out there. The internet for one, is a huge source of information. Now, in our modern times, there are many websites, who are dedicated to the sugar daddy lifestyle. They have sugar daddies and sugar babies visiting their web sites daily.

If you search information about the sugar daddy lifestyle into the internet, then all of these sites will be available for you to view. There also many sugar daddy conventions, which take place in various places, throughout the year. This is a fabulous idea, as you will be in the same room as many people, who are thinking the same as you. You will find people there, who are new to the whole sugar daddy lifestyle, and those who are already a sugar baby. There will be plenty of sugar daddies to ask questions to, so have all of these ready.

The one thing people say about these conventions, is that they are great fun. In the end the sugar daddy lifestyle, is about two people, both getting what they want and need. The sugar daddy wants somebody in his life for companionship, and dating. The sugar baby wants the same, and often has a want to be pampered. If both people are happy doing this, then all parties are happy.

If you are looking to have a sugar daddy lifestyle, then always ask for advice from the experts. The dedicated websites for sugar daddy arrangements, will have a supportive team behind them. They will be glad to answer questions you have, and will give you some hints and tips.

Finally, if you do find a sugar daddy, then with every date, let somebody know where you are going. With a sugar daddy lifestyle, this could include places or countries far away, you have to visit, so make sure you disclose your whereabouts to somebody you trust.


So if you are a sugar baby, looking for a sugar daddy lifestyle, then hopefully this article has given you an insight. Being a sugar baby can be very rewarding, but partaking in this type of relationship could be so much fun!!! If you didn’t think you could be a sugar baby before, then you can if you want to.

It is a lifestyle where everybody is getting their desires. Not many relationships can say that can they?

Go do some of your own research on a sugar daddy lifestyle, and being a sugar baby. Let’s get this type of relationship more well known, and more people understanding that a lot of sugar daddies, are actually nice guys, who want to spend their time and money on others.

Sugar Baby, she is a pretty girl, who has dream. Her Dream is to find a sugar Daddy. The Sugar Daddy sponsor his sugar baby