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Sugar Daddy group

When I started on the sugar daddy scene I realized it could be a bit lonely. My old friends and family didn’t always understand why I was looking for a sugar daddy and to be honest, I felt a bit embarrassed confiding in them. I needed people I could talk to, who would understand, so I set up a sugar daddy group.

Sugar Daddy Group on Facebook

To begin with, the sugar daddy group was on Facebook. It let me chat to other women about the whole sugar daddy thing, but also gave us all a cloak of anonymity to hide behind. This Facebook sugar daddy group proved really useful. It really is good to talk and we could all share experiences to support and encourage each other. I was amazed how quickly the group grew and how we all came to rely on it.

Sugar Daddy group

It is important to have an Sugar Daddy group so you don’t feel lonely

Sugar Daddy Group in the Real World

Pretty soon we all realized that it wasn’t enough just to chat on Facebook. Although that was useful, we also needed a chance to chat in the real world. So, the next sugar daddy group was born, a group where we could meet in the flesh. We did have some difficulties. It was hard to find somewhere everyone was happy to meet. For whatever reason, not all the members wanted people to know they were part of the sugar daddy group so we had to find somewhere discreet, somewhere we wouldn’t draw attention to ourselves. To be honest, that was easier said than done.

Sugar Daddy Group tries Starbucks

The first place we tried to hold meetings in the real world was Starbucks. We felt we could easily blend in. We’d look like a group of yummy mummies catching up after the school run. And nobody would bat an eyelid at a group of woman catching-up over a decaf skinny latte. The problem was, certain members of the group could not resist turning up in full Essex Girl regalia. There is only so much orange skin and diamond bling that one high street coffee shop can take, especially if it is in Kensington. And that was another problem – Kensington. Too many interested parties ready to collect little snippets of gossip about all “the girls” meeting up. There was just no way of being discrete.

We did solve the problem. We started a doggy day care. It started out as a front. We’d arrive, puppy in arm, at an old hotel, for a good old chat. But people started asking if they could put their dog on the waiting list. Apparently, they all needed a break from their newest accessory. So dodgy doggy daycare became the real deal.